100% Newbie, so excited!

Hello, my name is Aankita. I’ve recently discovered forex trading and cryptocurrencies, and such jargon associated with forex trading. I’ve tried to read up on it and have been struggling on how to go about getting started. I was SUPER excited when I found this platform via a trader from my own country. I hope this platform can answer all my questions and I can learn as much about trading to get me started. Anyway, I am eager to learn everything and I’m happy to be a part of this community :laughing::blush::blush::heart:

this place is really appropriate place for newcomers , you can start with psychology of school including a practice account , just do it, dont waste time

you can move on crypto , its too much volatile and unpredictable than Forex market , and there is a bright future , just be educated first of all but dont invest early. have a good journey

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As a newbie, you should make a good plan.

Welcome. Take it easy, one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, although social media marketing hype would say it’s easy. Bear in mind there is no short cut to experience, and on some live trades you will lose money as does every trader on the planet.

Practice on a demo account first and enjoy your time. Best of luck.
Here is a link on how to construct a plan: