100% no lose system! For real!

This is no joke. I have a system in the works that will always win. I just need a few more days to put it together.

I am posting here to ask for your help. All I need is a flux capacitor and an AMC Delorean.

If anyone can help me with the two more items needed for this system, please post asap. As soon as I get them, I will reveal the 100% no lose system.

Waiting for it!:slight_smile:

saw that movie, got the tee shirt… swing and a miss…

I have a scale model of the Delorean from the second installment of the trilogy. Would that work?

Also, I have the same birthday as Michael J. Fox. Clearly, this is a winning strategy.

But seriously, the real indicator for me is my ****. On days it hangs to the left I go long. On days it hangs to the right I short.


Lately this forum has become a joke!


must be the summer…

[B]I can help you with the flux capacitor.[/B] :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cool:

It has a very high mF (microfarad) value and is definitely electrolytic.

It comes out of an old Tesla oscillator for inducing high frequency, high voltage oscillations across welding rods (stick welders) to allow immediate start for tig welding applications.

It can be a dangerous unit though because it can store huge charges.

Leakage in very moist conditions could be a problem though. :smiley:

I had no idea there were so many brilliant FOREX technicians in the world…Look how lucky we are to have found them all here!:cool: