100 to 10000 trading journey

hi guyz i am 13 years experienced forex trader …after studying every single thing of market ( fundamental to technical ).i noticed Forex trading is a gambling
So i found a strategy which can make profit loss quick , and make it much better by working hard ( it is a grid strategy )
My stop loss is Account loss ,and profit is Compounding , need one account double every month to achieve my Goal
My Trading [ psychology ) is instead use of $1000 in one account , divide it into 10 account 100 dollar of each account and take huge risk at every account zero or hero

Trading Rule - No stop loss - Grid Strategy - Profit Compounding - Reverse Trend Strategy - wait wait wait for Exact Entry then Enter with logic - Few Trades monthly

Result Account wash /Double High Risk /High reward!


Good to see your dedication. Many people quit trading when they make some consecutive losses, but one that hangs on to hope and works hard surely sees success sooner or later. Great going:)

that is my advice no .1 to all traders, find a suitable strategy for u, then backtest it for a longer time period like for years, at least backtest its 1000 trades, then find its weakness then cover them again backtest 1000 trades find remaining weakness then again backtest 1000 trades, etc … and one day u should be very very profitable trader :slight_smile: Focus on one strategy and keep hard work on it … don’t move here and there, otherwise, u will not be a profitable trader even after 100 years

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Wise wordings!

This week profit with 100 $ account is attached image
I am near to complete 4th cycle of compounding

today profit with 100 $ account

last week profit +159 on 100 Dollar account ( it is almost 160 % in one week )

Any updates, how are you getting on?

This is good job, its not easy trading small account

interesting strategy , we look for results.