12th GRADE Market Hours Summary

I’m just finished 12th grade and needed a visual aid to pass class. This is what I came up with. Hope it helps some other newbies out there.

Do you mind explaining what the collors mean?

I kinda get your chart but its also confusing.

The pink areas are the primary trading hours for each of the primary geographic trading zones. The green marks the overlap between those timezone - the heavier volume periods.

Nice chart. To add to it if you are an Oanda user you can click on [B]“Resources / FXMarketHours” [/B]for a nice graphical view of the market hours overlapping. It also has a line that moves to show where we are presently at. See link.

Actually you can use the link even if your not an Oanda user.

OANDA FXMarketHours - FX Markets Working Hours