£140 > £10000 Challenge for the love of the market 4 DAYS TRADING CURRENT BALANCE £181 4TH DAY BAD -.-

Hello, this is the start of a Journal and from what i have read online many of you may disagree starting with this balance of £140

How ever i started this REAL trading account after many months on and off using demo accounts and reading about candlestick patterns i have recently started the Baby pips online course which has been extremely beneficial hope some of you enjoy the journal here is my current trading history on this account along with my favourite trade so far.

My best trade made today was GBP/USD Entry at 1.24344 exit at 1.23750 should of held basically ■■■■ out.

To be continued currently gone Long on EUR/CHF Due to long term support line being tested Oversold indication and inverted hammer will update tonight possibly.

Any criticism & advice i will be more than happy to read

My best trade made today was GBP/USD Entry at 1.24344 exit at 1.23750

I entered the trade seeing a long term support has been reached along with a Doji earlier on with the market going level and then a confirmation of a shooting star and a overbought indicator

what do you guys think was this risky? or would you have looked for more confirmation? or was i correct to place the trade here

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Well… Started Good then really messed up entered a trade late saw huge loss stupidly reversed the trade stupid decision. Market turned back in favour of original trade hit a loss of 44 pips and £18 loss which ruined the whole day at this point i was over 30 trades today mainly scalps posting £213 at the time current account £181.69 poor performance not much to post.


I will be posting my strategy next week i generally scalp most of my trades collecting earlier than i should probably but hopefully some of you will help me with this and give some insight into becoming a more successful trader.

Have a good weekend who ever may read this keep safe :crazy_face:


I’m going to say a few things about this - but please don’t take it as being negative.

Its not intended to shoot you down, however I don’t think this is going to work.

It’s not that I don’t believe small sums cannot be made into large sums - they can.

But here’s the issue

You anchored a profit target in your mind. All this is going the do is try to make you rush things or trade larger than you should

It’s important to have goals when establishing a business - financial projections at that. But trading is not a normal business - the market tells us how much we make not us.

All we can do is take what we are given - which is why people who have had success in other areas of life struggle with trading - they cannot impose their will on the market.

Anchoring can come in a a few forms - from using profit targets on trades , to like what your trying to do with your account - either way it often leads to us trying the force things.

Second point is you’ve made this all very public - that’s admirable but heaps tons of pressure on you - there is enough already with your 10k without opening it up for all us.

Thirdly if you lost 18 quid on such a small account that is clearly overtrading. What’s more your doing it by scalping, man you must have balls of steel for that.

Like I said it’s not intended to be negative - so my positive suggestion is your only goal should be to execute each trade perfectly - forget the 10K target - and forget posting quite so regular.

if you execute your trades perfectly you may even get to that target.

Good luck

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Hello, thanks for the advice i agree with what your saying i’m rushing I’ve been executing to many trades in a day.

The target i have set i high i understand but i believe i can reach this goal i thought i would share the journey/goal in the hope of success just to show people that it can be done because many people are not in a financial state to start trading with thousands of pounds. I could put more money in if i wanted but i refuse to do this until l am happy with my experience within the market demo trading is easy there is no emotion when real money is at stake emotions play a big part in making mistakes.

thank you for your reply i will take it in and i agree i don’t need to post so much but rather concentrate on the self set goal i have set.