16 candles in the '58 edsel'

he’s prob stuffing his chops with snails, pigeon wings rats tails & other such delights in some celubrious joint across the murky channel if the rumours are true!


can just see it now…free-loading economic migrants frantically paddling one way, little matty lording it t’other way in a luxury tub sucking on a cuban & swallowing several glasses of 1762 gautier – hope the frogs have tin hats & gritty senses of humour!!

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I keep on playing the Bowland, they are so original and mistical!
They are from Iran and are in Florence right now producing their songs and covers.
This is Kemet:


19 August : The body of Hamdallah Abdulfatha, a 28 years old sudanese man, is found whashed up in Sangatte beach. He died while trying to cross the channel with a friend on a dinghy, which quickly wrecked.

Real lives, real people.

Slow slow, quick quick slow.

That slippery little bandit has clearly exhausted all his laundering avenues this side of the channel, might as well see what’s on offer in the land of toads legs & sour wine i suppose…as billy notes, best they dust off their tin hats lol

Happy Birthday John!

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RIP Eddie

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yoko glaring at linda, glaring at george…george glaring at yoko, glaring at paul, ringo just drumming coz he luuuuvs it man…john just smiling at all the glaring

lets have someone whose still breathing shall we…
the ultimate “influencer”

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Now you’re talking billy boy, wipers come back all is forgiven!!
But i wanna line dance with hip russian dollies
Pour me a winkie, lace it blue & dance dance dance
Give it big russian moves baby…

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& so it’s gonna be some weird (covid) b’day this year brother!
how bout a little atmospherics to kick the day off :wink:


or maybe not!! …to be continued lol

Funky friday again boys & girls!
Climb on & ride the vibe for 2:30

Archive Friday

Dipping into the bag, shuffling the balls around & picking another “influencer”
Schmarchive archive!!

ride the flow till it runs out of blow

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00 round 00 numbers 00
average day/week range

prior days high & low
prior weeks high & low
prior months high & low
flow flow quick quick flow

that’s all folks!

Gday team.

Great to see ya’ll still here. Followed this thread for years and its great to see these snipets still being thrown out there

These are what I’m modeling myself on now.

But these thread has been vanilla-ized by the admin and many of the original posts, information and charts have been censored and remove. Heres one example 16 candles in the '58 edsel'

Yet this post is listed as post 89. I have to revisit posts that haven’t even posted yet :thinking: :wink:

and from the same post

The old capt has even said it hasn’t been working for him lately (2 years)

Do ya’ll still use this type of template to identify and filter opportunities and are hooks still the best way to catch fish


Admin didn’t censor it, Dan (dancat) pruned it a good while back as it was sprouting in all directions & becoming unruly.

Unfortunately it coincided with the graphics & video host software application TinyPic shutting down, blanking out all the charts, pictures & video uploads, hence the reason for the somewhat chaotic looking appearance.

Fortunately the minimalistic, low fat set up template, which you’ve highlighted in your quoted reply, renders it easy to replicate on individual charting profiles. If you’ve followed the content & the guy’s posts since inception then you’ll be aware of how the information is utilised & applied.

The only peeps to apply & run it successfully from a retail angle were/are a small smattering of participants including the likes of carll, stakz, wyntac, sketcher, corpellan etc, 2 of whom continue to currently utilise it punting their own betting accounts. The other 3 have stepped up a level or two & spread their wings into different trading ventures…

The likes of us simply introduced the concept as a solid, reliable, man-for-all-seasons, consistently high performing template to help balance & counter the ridiculous overly complicated nonsense which usually gets peddled throughout these joints. Most of us are broker based/fund biased industry personnel who tagged onto Tess, Jocelyn & Jimmy’s initial foray onto the website back in 2007.

We cast a line out into the pond, sat back & observed what or who would take a nibble at it. It then escalated into a bit of a bet as to whether one or two of us could take someone from a standing start with little or no experience & put them through a fast-track learning curve resulting in fully funded, professional account based access with all the back-up trimmings.

We figured if someone could exhibit the necessary disciplines, follow & apply simple instructions, not become distracted by all the usual hype & rubbish whilst evidencing a consistently increasing live betting account, then they were worth investing time & money in.

Needless to say, the bet was won!

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Hooks were merely a comfort blanket type visual designed to focus minds & eyes on the pullback/continuation process.

Most of the guys dropped it when they familiarised themselves with the instances/scenarios in which the set up revealed itself.

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Good weekend!