2.5% a Week

If everything works according to the plans then it is perfect. But from what i have learned in these years trading the Forex is that the best laid out plans go haywire and nothing seems to be certain for sure :wink:

right back at ya… thx!

Nothing in life is certain. But the best laid out plans have the best chances to succeed.

Finished the week slightly over 1% return. I did short GBPUSD right before the close on a Daily signal. Let’s see how it does when the market opens Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Best of luck to you Uptick. 10 months ago, I had set a personal goal of 2-4% per month. I have been consistently in/over that range for the last 10 months straight, only missing once (1.4% in Dec 11). Holidays :frowning: I have been just above my upper goal 3/10 months too! So far this month I have had my best month yet at 6.1%. Hopefully this trend continues.

Thanks. I’ve been using this strategy for some time with similar results. I have a public track record of almost 2 years now… with the best month at around 9.6%, but typical month has been around 2-3%. I’m seeing if I can stay consistently at 5-10% a month, which I think I can. Let’s see how it goes.

Getting returns of 10% per month on a consistent basis means that you are doing quite good. Some months may be less income but then the average is what will matter at the end of the year.

My short trade on GBPUSD worked out nicely. Just made another 1.4%.

keep rockin it UpTick, Im watchin

slow and steady my friend… slow and steady.

no doubt about it, i just hit my goal today, JUSTTT now, Time to pack it up for the day, enjoy and have fun Buddy, tomorrow is another day…

and let me tell ya, perfect timing, what the heck was that about, lol

Well it is posible as a peak perfomance or average, i did it in the past with countertrending. However you must be disciplined and setting goals like that only adds pressure you don’t need. Also you must consider that countertrend is not so easy.


No trading is easy. If there were an “easy” strategy we’d all be doing it.

2.5% a week is a goal… there is no added pressure since anything over 1% a week is a success for me. Hope you keep watching and best of luck.


Ended week at 1.4%… I am short GBPAUD going into the weekend in my personal account. Signal provider account is flat.

Have a great weekend everyone. Best of luck!

If you short that pair you can do a great carry trade if you can hold ups and downs.

How are your trades going of late? its been quite a turbulent week.

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating… Just been super busy with my other business.

I did a few trades and for the past couple of weeks netted a loss of -0.096%. I should have done much better, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and I will be here on Tuesday trading! Here’s a snapshot of my account as of today. Account went from $308.01 to $305.03 on a few trades. Loss of -0.096%.

Same to you UpTick,

What other business you into if I may ask, just curious…

I own a cruise agency and i’m launching an employee benefits company as well.

Trading is more of a part time gig. I’ve been at for some years now and love it. My 2-3 year goal is to have trading supplement 50% of my income. I’m just fine tuning my strategy even though I think it’s pretty solid. But It’s been a long journey and very educational. I’ve learned so much from trading in the past few years.

Do you trade full-time?