20+ Year Algo Forex veteran now out of the business

Hi everyone, We founded Elite E Services in 2000 to build intelligent algorithmic trading systems, and our business plan was stolen by a Russian called ‘the little man’ who gave it to some jerks in Khazan who copied our idea poorly. Anyway we were a fund and not a broker so it was only flattering. FX was good until we were regulated out of business in 2012 @

Now we have basically closed our FX business and moved to stocks, specifically Pre IPO private equity which is really cool, lots of good companies even some FX firms like Revolut, TransferWise, etc. Site is Pre IPO Swap

With our bd we are considering offering Forex & Futures as well as equities. So I’m poking around my old haunts and baby pips was on the top list! Stay safe out there - jg