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So… I spent the past 3-4 years analyzing the markets and fib levels thoroughly… I created a formula for the fibs we used on the regular and applied it to them and discovered the following fibs:

Here is the list of additional fibs I have added to my tool box: .118, .309, .441, .559, .6625, .7465, .836, .943, 1.136, 1.445, 1.809, 2.309, 3.445 (The Bold fibs are also used as CD projections).

I did so after noticing the price continued to fail on certain patterns by closing bellow the original convergence zone but always seemed to move as a fake out in certain pairs and instances.

All in all… the results have been tested… they work best on pairs with huge volatility. In addition, you can work with just these fibs instead of the standard ones and still find patterns that have completed and developed good with them starting from the 90s.

Also please note the two following fibs as KEY in any trading style that you are using that use the “Legacy” fibs.

A) 1.136 <= this fib tends to confirm whether a 100% CD point is legitimate or not after a closing bellow the 100% fib zone. The pip difference between the two is minimal and increments as with all else with the time frame it is viewed in. Taking a trade inbetween the 100% CD and 113.6% CD seems to be the best for yen pairs.

B) 3.445 <= This fib is a calculated extension to the 2.618 and has worked flawlessly in predicting key market trend reversals and continuations within the market. This by far has become my favored fib to use because of this case and the majority of my trades will be based off it. A break or respect of this fib point tends to indicate a movement similar to the XA measured in the corresponding direction.

In addition, the .118 Fib tends to signal the continuation or reversal of a trend. I do not use this fib for entering patterns. But it helps determine whether the market is creating a true swing or continuing… I will elaborate on this more thoroughly throughout the year as you see me progress within our trades.

I suggest that you download the fxcm app and play around with these fibs replacing all the old ones so you can see with your eyes the levels that are respected in the different markets.

Again remember, these fibs are basically the 50% zone in between the following fibs: .236, .382, .5, .618, .786, .886, 1.272, 1.618 2.0, 2.618

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TMoneyBags, i have followed this discussion since 2016 and i know you got something great here. Can you do a video to explain this, i believe that this will give much clarity. Thanks

Wow! I remember following this discussion back in 2009 or so!?!?

Look forward to seeing how much difference the years have made to your trading!

Are Phil, thephoenix, dale and some of the other oldies still about?!?



First Quarter 2018

Please see link.: 30 pips a day - Bitcoin - BTC\/USD - Analysis 2018 - 001

I started using MT4 because FXCM migrated our accounts to forex.com ive been getting comfortable with the platform.

Please note that i will be posting video analysis of all the markets The Sun Land Capital is looking at.

For more info feel free to leave a reply or PM me.

Have a great trading Decade :slight_smile:

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Switching Brokers

Plz stay tuned :slight_smile:

Nice to hear from you, we might hear from them soon :wink: i took a nice hiatus to put things in life in order… and now im ready to show all the results and predictions

Here we have an analysis of the USD/JPY Daily

BTC/USD Analysis continued.:

Wow people still trade these old patterns. Have you all tried the new ones? The racoon and cheetah patterns are most powerful right now. But ever since the Chinese new year the newest pattern of the dog has emerged. I think that one is gonna be HUUUUGE this year.

I’ve never heard about these patterns… could you tell about the dog pattern in more detail? I’m very interested to know how it is arranged so that I could test it on demo.

Good idea, I will work on a video explaining this in more detail. Sorry for the late response…

I am new to the forum and reading around. Very useful topic but too complicated for a beginner trader as me. Recently I took few courses from EAForexAcademy and the systems there were much simpler and easier to be applied. I succeed to take 20-30 pips daily with each two of the systems there. One uses the London breakout, the other one is scalping system. Anyway, I will do some effort to read more above and catch this system. This way I hope to reach 100 pips a day which is nice.

If any of you wish me to return to this thread or continue to analyze the markets on another media platform msg me here or add me and msg me on: Luis Mejia | Facebook

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Results from Mid August to oct 11th Trading on the MT5 Platform using JFD Brokers

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Hi Luis, how are you going with it? I’ve been following for the best part of ten years now - wondering how you have been going lately.

Wow the explanation is very awesome…

I think it’s a good approach, and the risks were estimated quite reasonably, although a lot still depends on the amount of capital, but in general it is reasonable, maybe not too active, but as accurately as possible.