30 year old swede

Hi! Im 30 years old and live in Stockholm, sweden. I have been into the stock market for about a year now, I find it extremly interesting. I am interested in forex trading because I like trading, and I love to learn new stuff. My end goal is to become a succesful Forex trader, not necessary go pro, just want to make som extra money. Mostley I just wonna learn this, for the sake of learning.

I am quite invested in my job, I work as a departement manager in a large waste management company and I want to continue grow at my job.

Hi! I do not know why my previous post got removed. However I advice to focus on market maker trading. The markets are rigged and controlled by the banks. By trading where the big money flows, you will have higher winratio’s with solid risk-to-rewards.

Welcome to the community, @axelforextrading. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Nice to meet you! Sounds like forex trading would be a good side hobby and potential way to bring in some extra money for you. My only advice would be to ensure that you’re willing to make the time commitment since you have a regular job as well. Good luck with everything!

Good to hear! Very few people these days actually like what they’re doing. :slight_smile: Trade the daily charts and I think you’ll be fine and still have time to trade on the side and enjoy your job! Good luck!

Good to hear your story. Keep patience and work hard.

Hi. Welcome to Babypips. It’s great to hear that you’re dedicated to your job as well. Some traders quit their jobs for forex, which gets stressful. You have clarity. Good. Since you have done stock trading, some knowledge of that will also be helpful here. Wish you luck!

I think it’s going to be easy for you as you have knowledge of other trading markets.

Stocks and forex are great, but what about crypto?