6-in-1 Strategies with 50%pa returns - 5%dd

Ah that makes more sense, thanks. So you probably got a promo message deleted.

DV has so many strategies built in. Just discovered I can have a negative Take Profit when using multiple entries for even smaller risk/DD. I’ll be using various non-correlated strategies on the acct. All EAs will risk a % of the acct so it’ll have a little bit of an exponential upward skew.

Yes, shame it doesn’t have different TPs on multiple levels, like an extra couple of settings e.g. trades 1-4 TP = 20pips, trades 5-7 TP = 0 pips, and trades above 7 TP = -25pips etc. This variable TP level has worked great for and is built into all my grid strats

I agree. I’ve been using just the two levels. Ie; 40 pip TP & -10 pip profit for multiple. Gotta get you or a freelancer to do anything more.

Happy to have a look at any strats you think would serve these extra levels well and implementing them for you, I’d have a look and decide if I think it’s a goer then would do free of charge - I did make a grid template to hopefully just essentially drag and drop new ideas in but they are a bit fiddly to work on

Here’s strat 6 of my EA trading USDCAD - probably shows the adaptive TP levels the best - can get runs of losers but weathers most storms it seems

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I haven’t actively tried to promote it I hope

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Here’s some from my Quant Analyzer on my current portfolio. They are a % of balance so should be more exponential I’d think.