6 losses in a row, feeling super demotivated

having 6 losses in a row, i suggest to pause for a week and start over again but this time create new fresh effective ideas that can help you bounce back on what you’ve loss. first accept the fact the you loss and start over again. we really cannot avoid it, just be wise for the next time. and manage everything.

Losses are the part of Forex trading and you can face more if you are not willing to go back,sit and think why are you loosing your trades in such a quick way. So if you want to become a good trader and want to make good money then you need to solve your mistakes and learn more about forex trading.

well, if that’s the case, i think you should pause trading for a while and think of new strategy that can help you to bounce back from what you’ve loss. but this time be wiser enough so you won’t experience it again and again.

You only see them when you have a losing trade, as that is always by just a few pips. I hate them. I suspect my broker and mother-in-law are also part of that team.

Better take a rest for a while and think of new plans. you don’t need to rush everything in here. its much better to do it step by step. so you won’t have difficulties when you do your trades again.

I read something last week in forex4noobs.com that stuck with me. If you are on a loosing streak its very tempting to blame your strategy and change it. Don’t!. If it has been working for you consistently until now the chances are that its another factor which is causing the losses and not your strategy. Are you sticking to it rigidly? Have the currency pairs you usually trade gone in to ranging mode or has their ADR changed? This is a few examples of why your strategy might not be working as well. The main message was a strategy can be improved on of course but moving away from it totally is the ruin of many traders. Stick with it because in all likely hood your trading will pick up again.

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Well.said… Indeed, on page 2 of Forextown you will find this thread of mine, exactly on this topic:


This process - this is a normal state of trading. Drawdowns happen at all. After this it is very important to adhere with correct psychology. Do not rush and do rash acts. I also advise you to have in stock a few trading strategies that are adopted from a different market behavior.


Also, it’s not a bad idea to walk away from the charts every now and then. You can get burn-out by pushing yourself too hard to learn something that can take a lifetime to truly master.

Revenge trading too may be a good thing to be aware of…

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Now, if only that worked equally well in the markets

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I think you get 6 loses in a row better pause for a while, refresh your mind and think new plans on how can you bounce back from what you’ve loss. This time make sure that you will not repeat same mistake.

I too think that when something like this happens it’s best to take a step back for a few days so when you come back you look at the situation with fresh eyes, then try to analyze what went wrong and if necessary go back to testing your strategy on a demo account for a little while.

Only six trades and you’re down? Please make yourself comfortable to remain calm on a more number of losing trades. Or maybe you can pause for a while, refresh your mind and think of new strategy that would help you bounce back from what you’ve loss.