> $6 trillion a day🤤

Hi, I am Tshepo from South Africa. I am a beginner trader looking to learn as much as I can and I have been trading for about six months. When I first started out in forex, the sole reason was to make immeasurable money for no effort. While it’s definitely possible, it isn’t a realistic approach to this art. Now I’m trading because of the thrill. The concept of keeping your ool, trusting your instincts in the midst of economic crises and getting rewarded for it is profit enough…The actual profits? They’re like a puffing on a Cohiba behike in a Ferrari Enzo, doing 200 km/h, wearing a Tom Ford suit picked out by your supermodel gf. I don’t know what any of the above feel like to have…Atleast not yet. And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I am here

I hope to learn a wealth of info from you and to share any that I may have with you beautiful people.

Stay Trading.

…Really, world governments might kill this art if you don’t

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Disclosure: I have no association with tradertom.