600$ Lost on first day

We all share the same if not more difficult struggles. Persistent is key to everything. You tested your luck. However, your luck was not there. Now, if you were to test your skills a year from now you are on a whole 'nother level. Remember that nothing in this world comes easy. Struggle is inevitable.

Hi Afaq

Something to give you both condolences and maybe some hope in the longer term.

For something like 20 years plus I have been interested in all sorts of trading. My history goes back to pre 24/7 access via internet and trading platforms available on demand. Interests have covered stocks, shares, currencies CFD’s and so on.

For most of that time because I was not trained by any institutions, banks or any other trader with a true knowledge of trading. I simply did not understand the stock markets or any other form of trading, it cost me more in buying the financial times (UK daily paper) to follow the stocks I had invested into that I earned in either appreciation or shareholder payouts.

Years later brings me to Babypips to learn more, understand more. Even so, there is still risk, risk to my capital or equity.

If you want to trade then practice, practice, practice. Eventually you will either think this is to much like hard work and it will die or it will become like a wire in your blood. Only when it becomes like a wire in your blood will you be able to absorb the information you need to start turning a profit.

Its starting to happen for me. So don’t lose heart if this is what you are really interested in. Just accept that it may take years to understand and become one of the few who is able to turn a profit from currency trading.

Trade on a demo account first my friend. Goodluck