650 Points

I recently just had my best month ever… 650 points, I have read peoples reviews on getting software programs and all that fine stuff, how ever if you do not learn what your doing and how to do it, your not doing yourself any good.
Brokers are nasty people who constantly try to change their approaches so your success will be limited. I do not have a software program. I Just use the tools my mentor taught me, and as a newbie so far it is paying off. I feel lucky
to have someone who cares about my level of success. It is also great to see everyone on here sharing ideas. As a newbie trading methods are paramount
you need one and the discipline to follow that and trade what the market is not what you want it to be!! IF your going to pay for something pay to have a good mentor to train you if you are newbie I would take that over Fapturbo any day.

agreed :slight_smile:

just use your head :slight_smile:

congratulations :slight_smile:

Thank you guys. Just have to keep it going. Like I said before though I took
the time to get trained and learned how to do it the right way. So I am blessed to have had that success with out it. I would already be out of the market.

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