95% Win ratio - Free EA for traders who use Mt4

I have an EA that is very successful and you can have it free. Contact me via my profile and I will give it to you.
Hopefully, this post will not be seen as a problem as it is giving away a free EA just like the forum title suggests. “Free Forex Trading System”

For anyone who is interested in receiving the EA for Free.
Step 1. Go to my profile and read it, everything is there for you.
Step 2. Follow step 1.




Maybe you can explain what you EA does.
Maybe you can show us returns. Track record over 12 months?



Expert Advisor (EAS) are programs that run on the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform. used to monitor and trade financial markets using algorithms. You could, for example, use an ‘EA’ to monitor a few key markets


Well as I can see you do not share track record on your website only pictures.
As you know pictures are not showing any track record.

FxChoice also not best Broker…

Share one myfxbook link so we can check



Look it’s quite simple, the EA is free for you to run on a demo or live and see the results for yourself live in your own account. If the results do not not stack up as promised you will find out very quickly.

Choose your own broker this EA is not exclusive to FXChoice, we just use and recommend FXChoice.


I do not need any EA. I have my own. What I ask is that you share a track record.
People will test your EA and maybe blow money.
Nice of you to give it away but showing track record is the best.

There are lots of free EAs on the net. Why is yours so good :slight_smile:

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Screenshots can show a chart of something else.
You can put a link to an active trackrecord on your profile.

To prove profitability an linck to an active trackrecord running on live money is provided.

New 2 trading here…
Is it cool if I can have your EA and use it on a demo account? Thank you!

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I don’t understand what you are saying.

You will not get a better EA that runs above 95% win ratio for free and you can test it for yourself on a demo. That is far superior to any pictures or preferred link to a possible fraud.

These are professional EA’s for professional traders. We are not in the business of serving up junk for free, that is not a business plan that has any longevity.

Sorry, I speak Portuguese, I have interest in your ea

I’m interested too

How can I get it?

I’m interested too

How can I get it?

How do get this EA

How do I get it

Seems to be useless to discuss here… :rofl: :rofl:

How do I get this indicator I will back test and test in demo see what it can do and let people know.


All indicators are custom designed. No need to test anything, Just follow the information I have provided and you and everyone else can run it on a demo acct for free and make you own assessment.

Hi, I can’t find the instructions on how to use the EA on your profile