A Better Than Ave System

setup: only use these pairs eur/usd eur/jpy gbp/jpy usd/chf

start on 4 hr chart use a 62 sim MA color it red apply to close

same 4hr chart 21 ex orange apply to close

same 4 hr 5 ex apply to close green color

same for hour chart use 89 Ma simple apply to the high
same 4 hr chart 89 MA simple apply to the low

get a 30 and 1 hr charts and add same 89 high and 89 low setup on these
charts and a macd two color hystogram for good entry

ok now on your 4hr chart do your trend lines correct manage your lots right use a 50 pip stop and when you get a trend break and when the green line crosses the red line then the candles closes above the top ma line or the bottom ma line its like a 123 go its a nice long trade you have to work on your exit stratagey
use 1hr and 30 minute charts for entry when you get a candle close above top ma UP candle or below bottom ma put it up on the charts and test it out good trading

oh yea trade close to 00 15 30 45 example i would trade 7:00or 7:15
or 7:30 or 7:45 close to when candles r goona close or if you think that candle will close before u even get to the 00 15 30 45 mark good trading