A book comparable to babypips?

A good book for beginners as it covers why you want to trade right through to TA and money and risk management…

“Sound trading advice and lots of ideas you can use to develop your own trading methodology.”-Jack Schwager, author of Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards

Read from over 260 reviews and make up you own mind…


i am kicking off , hope will get something more advance

When you look at book reviews always read the worst reviews first !

I have the first edition of the same title and this reviewer says it is the same - I certainly found his book disappointing after all the hype. He says that he devised a system of money management which would make money using randomm entries and sort of implied he would go deeper into money management later - but never got antwhere close to that level of effectiveness.

You might like John Murphy’s “Technical analysis”

If you know what type of trader you aspire to be ; day - trader, swing trader, “Trend follower”, Contrarian ?

, you might want to buy a book on that type of trading.

see if you can ask the question in a way we can point you in a direction.

I have a LOT of trading books and I think most of tehm were written to obtain money rather than to pass on knowledge.

Falstaff did you read the OP’s post?..[quote=“fbenner, post:1, topic:144644”]
I do have some trading experience, but I think it’s best if I learn from scratch, so I can know all the terminology and don’t enforce bad practices
While John Murphy’s “Technical Analysis” is a great book. Why would you send him straight into TA?.. When he wants more knowledge on the basics like an overview of all the markets, Money & Risk Management and Psychology followed up by solid basic FA and TA…

Is it the best beginners book out there?..probably not…Is it a comprehensive book for beginners to get a complete overview of the metrics of trading? Its right up there…And it has a forward from Jack Schwager, author of Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards which are among some of the best books out there…

And then to wheel your barrow Cherry Pick one average review??..You should know better…

Completely agree - very good and helpful recommendation. :sunglasses:

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Hey @TomCooper Buying the right trading books can be hard work, it all depends on what level your learning and trading is at…

I have books bought 4 years ago that I am only now going back too because 4 years ago I couldn’t comprehend it. The book became tedious and so I threw it back on the shelf… now I flick through it and understand from experience alone where the author is coming from… .

Do a search of BP for book recommendations, there has been quite a few over my short time here and just check the reviews on Amazon of the ones that interest YOU.

Even sifting through Amazon’s enormous amount written on trading is mind boggling…Hope this helps…

Yes I think so ;

John Murphy’s Book is the book on which the babypips course was founded AFAIK. It is detailed and is a good foundation.

He also wrote “Intermarket Analysis” and his website is also a great resource, giving charts and detailed explanations of VIX, Wyckoff, Gann etc etc, etc - without demanding any money at all

Whereas Van Tharp gives very little in his book - but “demands” a lot of money “To learn the real truth” - read some of the other reviews from people who have paid thousands and are still none the wiser.

I’m not sure where OP asked for

And most of that was dealt with in the review I posted and my own post.

The “psychology” part is better dealt with by far by MArk Douglas “Trading in the Zone” IMHO

But there we go. :slight_smile:

The problem with trading books is that you will inherit the author’s bias. Just stick to the baby pips course, play with the charts and find what you like. Ultimately at the end of the day your psychology and how you handle defeat will determine what you can and can’t do in the markets.

There speaks a man with a lot of reading behind him ! :sunglasses:

Sometimes we just need to “GetaJob69” :slight_smile:

??? The OP’s question was for a book…not a course…

VIX, Wyckoff, Gann…this is well past the beginner…

Sorry - would you like me to explain to you ?

PLease stop patronising the lad - he wants to progress - Murphy will take him forward - Van Tharp won’t !

Volatility…Supply & Demand… Angles & Trend Lines etc…no I’ve got that…

So much easier when translated into their simple terms…All in Van Tharp’s book…

But you can explain it to the OP… No one’s patronising anyone here…just answered a question…

I have to say - you looked them up pretty quick :sunglasses:

Absolutely so :slight_smile:

Even if “translating into their simple terms” entails losing all their meaning - that’s ok - it was too complicated for the plebs anyhow ! :laughing:

And 95% of new retail traders lose money :slight_smile:

Because nobody ever tells them - “It’s quite complicated really” !

Now who’s the one patronising…give it a rest…

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G’night… :relaxed:

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Yes we do need to take jibes at those that have an opinion different to ourselves don’t wee failed staff…

I would say that you should look into " Forex Candlesticks Made Easy " … Its a very very ineresting short eBook / Course! Check it out @fbenner

Forex for Dummies is a really good book that I started reading alongside doing this course!

which book is more appropriate for price action trading ? can anyone suggest ?

Forex trading education now is becoming easier for the traders since various learning tools are available now. Books are somehow trying to capture theoretical aspects of trading and Babypips courses are real life trading suggestion. i will suggest that try to use both,so that you can remain aware of all aspects. Best of luck