A Different sort of broker\exchange?

Are there any exchanges that rather than opening and closing positions in pairs, let me have sub-accounts for different currencies, then let me move my GBP to my USD sub-account, then lets me move it to me EUR account, then into my AUD account and so on?? Is this possible?

Hello Drum,
if i am getting it right its possible but i need some more light on your query so i can give you a better answer for it

I’m looking to be able to move my investment from currency to currency, as values changes, so I can transfer directly from say GBP to USD and hold it in USD until I decit to move it AUD etc.

so clearly you want different accounts with different base currencies and you want to move your positions from one account to another right?

Hello Drum :slight_smile:

I guess there will be number of brokers/exchnages which lets you open the accounts in different currencies. I can recommend you of my broker- FinPro Trading where I am holding 2 accounts in AUD and USD. Since you want to open and shift your account from one currency to another as the value of the currencies change, you can contact them.
According to me this should be do-able but whenever your account in one currency is closed, your open positions shall also get closed and then only the new account in different currency will be opened.
Obviously, direct conversation with FinPro guys would be much better. Hope your query gets resolved soon. :47: