A disussion for each major pairs

I’d love it if there could be a discussion for each major pair where people could compare their analysis every morning, then discuss the results at the end of the trading day.
It would help beginners understand how forecast analysis is made and experienced traders could show off…

well… just that. There could be a USDJPY discussion where traders could talk about what they think the day’s going to be like, the trends, support/resistance levels, suggested trades, entry levels. I haven’t tested image posting but if anyone can benefit from the WP Lightbox image plugin then it’s easy to post charts to support theories. And then of course after the day we can see what worked and what didn’t and discuss why.
I think that would be most educative and correspond to what many are looking for.
I guess that’s what the “Show me the money” forums were created for, but it sadly turned into another “I got a great system but I can’t tell what it is” kind of thing.

try the “holy-grails” section of the forum. this is where traders are talking about their strategies and systems and you can find good info on any major currency pair used by various traders.