A Glossary of ICT Terms and Abbreviations

Way to go Clint, you made my day!

Clint… just a quick thank you for all the time/effort you have put into this seemingly non exhaustive collation of ICT’s work.
Peter also a big thanks to you.
Respect where its due!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I’ve been so overwhelmed by the sheer size of ICT’s material that I’ve been paralyzed. This is just ridiculous and will help me organize the material into sizable and meaningful “chunks” that can be digested very thoroughly. I can not thank you enough for all of your hard work putting this together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Dont know where you found the time but I am, like so many others, eternally indented to you. I wish you the best in all your endeavours.

Clint & Peterma,

I just wanted to say thank you kindly.
I stumbled across ICT a few hours ago for the first time on here only to discover that he has taken down all his videos and that the links don’t work…c’est la vie !

Feeling yet again, like I just got to the party late…to find empty beer bottles, and a few slices of cold pepperoni pizza face down on the shagpile, is about the sum total of how I felt, it’s also been my trading style of late.

However, propping the door open was a dusty old tome! which I picked up, and flicked through.
I found more than a few diamonds in the dust.
It is a testament to your good work, that I had a lightbulb moment in the very first paragraph. I am endebted to you both.

I do hope ICT did not leave because of idiotic comments by one poster (think it was ridethetrend), who was actually berating him for not being timely, with his FREE videos…I couldn’t believe an idiot could be so callous graceless, and ungrateful to someone (ICT) who (very much like yourselves) gives of their free time to help others.

Anyway thanks for helping this rookie on his own journey (to a land where the pizza is hot, carpet-free, and the beer, ice-cold and flowing freely)


Awww phlumpety-flump-flumps !

Just read a lot more about ICT, and him blowing his account, discreditation, and division he seemed to have caused…so feeling a little foolish, and gullible.
Anyhow, am just looking to learn, and he seemed to have good material, which I am sure would have helped me further along…
Safest port is to re-dock back into the school of Pipsology methinks …far too many pirates in these choppy waters, and for a newbie it’s difficult to tell the Scheisters from the Samaritans !

For my tuppence worth, he seems really genuine, and charitable, don’t think there was a vested interest, though I’m possibly being naive.
Ho hum.

Hi Clint,

Not getting much luck with my emails to ICT at his website, as you were able to point me in the right direction on a previous occasion I wonder if you had any words of wisdom. Would you happen to know when the website will be fully functional? Just having problems playing a couple of the videos & the site seems to be missing some sub-pages.

Any chance of getting the ICT videos referred in Peterma’s notes please? Are they available in any file sharing sites? Thanks


ICT no longer with bp. Read through his archived threads to get a hold of how he trades & the videos will be made avaibable on his website & you tube page. the latter being the better option for videos. Search for inner circle trader.website is The Inner Circle Trader \ Home Page


ICT no longer with bp. Read through his archived threads to get a hold of how he trades & the videos will be made avaibable on his website & you tube page. the latter being the better option for videos. Search for inner circle trader.website is The Inner Circle Trader \ Home Page


Thanks for the reply. I have got all the ICT videos except the ones in Peterma’s notes. I wanted to see if those are available by any chance. I hope ICT will post them on his website one day.

Hi Clint. I’m wondering if 138% should be listed with the Fibonacci extensions. Although I don’t remember ICT using it, it is a frequently used extension.

Hi Brian,

I agree with you that the 138% Fib extension appears frequently in the literature, and therefore must be widely used. However, like you, I don’t recall Michael mentioning it. So, in the Glossary, I listed only the extensions that I know for sure he has mentioned.

Michael is slowly but surely re-populating his library of articles, and his video archive, on his website and on his YouTube channel. So, over the next several months, all of his teaching materials should once again be available, making it possible for us to correct any errors which may exist in the Glossary.

Michael is introducing his material, in his new venue, essentially from the very beginning — rather than picking up where he left off when he departed this forum. This will provide a great opportunity for newcomers to his methodology to get started, without having to play catch-up.

Recently, Michael joined the FXGears forum. Tansen Sjostrom (one of our Babypips forum members) is one of the moderators on that forum. So, the FXGears forum will be yet another site for ICT teaching and commentary. I will post a link to the FXGears forum on page 4 of the Glossary.

And, lastly, he has a new email address — <ICT@InnerCircleTrader.com>. It appears that his previous email account (InnerCircleTrader@gmail.com) has been disabled; but, until I can confirm that, I will show both email addresses on page 4 of the Glossary.

I actually don’t run it Clint, lol.

It’s actually run and operated by Jack Larkin, I’m just a global mod / class clown / ??? / Profit!

Thanks for the clarification. I will edit my previous post, and edit the notation on page 4 of the Glossary.

Back in February, Michael severed his ties with the Babypips forum, removing all of his videos from his various Babypips threads. At the same time, he removed approximately 115 of his teaching videos and market review videos from YouTube. Consequently, all of the [B]Video Notes[/B] so painstakingly created by Peter Fearon (peterma, on this forum), and currently posted on pages 5, 6 and 7 of this Glossary, have (since February) been cross-referenced to [I]videos which no longer exist.[/I]

For several months, it was unclear whether Michael would be reissuing his previous archive of videos (after removing references to Babypips from the title screens), and, if so, whether we could once again link to those original videos here on this site. If that had been the case, then Peter’s Video Notes would again have been usable.

However, it’s clear now that Michael is rebuilding his library of teaching videos from scratch, and posting his new videos on his YouTube channel and on his new website. The titles, topics and contents of these new videos do not match the format of his previous videos, so there seemingly is no way to cross-reference any of Peter’s Video Notes to the new videos.

Accordingly, I think it’s time to remove all of Peter’s Video Notes from this Glossary, and Peter concurs in this decision.

But, before we do that, I wanted to float the idea here, in case anyone has other suggestions.

I’ll wait a week or so, and then, if there’s no concensus to the contrary, I’ll edit the Glossary, as follows:

• rewrite the introduction to the Glossary on page 1

• remove the Note (regarding Michael’s departure from Babypips) from page 1

• remove all of the video notes and video links on pages 5, 6, and 7

• leave page 5 blank, in case it’s needed for future expansion of the Glossary

• delete pages 6 and 7

If anyone has comments or suggestions regarding any of this, please post them here. Thanks.

Did that not have anything to do with him not being able to trade his own public account, and generating losses for all of us to see prior to making out he had extreme knowledge. I understand knowledge doesn’t equal profitability in trading - which is why I assume he is still teaching rather than trading?

The fact is that the people on both sides of the ICT debate are nice people who mean well. People learn differently and apply knowledge differently. I’ve seen ICT call trades seconds / minutes prior to them happening and after analyzing for myself, have made real money off of them. ICT releases videos, Tweets ideas, and usually is correct. Yesterday, he did something that that good traders do, he made money while being wrong, and another of his students called the EU long, which I think was a harder trade to see because of time of day.

I’ve been trading full time now for almost a year, and can tell you that there are two pillars. One is the ability to analyze the markets and predict a direction. There are no better tools in my mind than the ones ICT teaches. Most of them he did not invent, but he does share a practical combination of how to use them, and he’s built an excellent game plan. The other pillar is psychology, and this comes from within. External factors can help, but ultimately the battle to slay the dragons of confidence, self control, patience, etc, are an individuals own, to win or lose.

I don’t doubt for one second that his material, be it his own or from historical secondary research, is not of any use. I don’t doubt that he is good at teaching or “selling an idea or trading approach/theory”. However the question, which at the time still remains unanswered is that does he trade a profitable account. Unfortunately once you build up a reputation, and he obviously had a huge positive one here, and then blow a live public account it dismantles all the work previously done.

I’m not here to re-light an already well documented debate about the above, however at the end of the day as the saying goes “money does the talking”. There’s obviously some folks here who still follow his teachings, or what ever else he is now doing, so I hope it all goes to plan!

Really good points! Unfortunately to many persons seek for the 100% profit strat ( like there was no skills involved)

The guy is a complete farce.

When it came time for him to show his stripes he crashed and burned by making rookie moves when it came to trading with actual money.

Had it been normal variance, it would not have ruffled his feathers. As any edge he might have had in the market would have ultimately prevailed.

I recall the debate well as I was one of the few that called him out for who he has and that led him to proving to everyone that I was right.

Now he’s back?!?

… and He shall appear.

Thank you Clint for continuing the information flow for those that follow me or my work as it relates to the Forex market.

GLGT :wink: