A guide to using and recognising myfxbook accounts

Their blog says they are working on it and will have a solution soon. They are also adding a few new features so will have to see what they are.

I think it is already fixed.

Doubtful they had much of a problem. I don’t think anybody actually had any problems…at least nothing seemed on zulutrade so far :wink:

Thanks a lot, But can you please tell that what are the steps that are to be followed to verify track record and privileges.? Followed all the steps of Myfxbook but still not able to connect to server in my account settings using MT4 account.
Please help Sir.

EA companies like sPhantom refer to myfxbook to have a report like:
Home / sPhantom / sPhantom Auto Trader
It’s seems credible with:
Track Record Verified
Trading Privileges Verified
but I see no mention about settings (Risk…) of the EA in the myfxbook page:
Home / sPhantom / sPhantom Auto Trader
If we see elsewhere:
All Forex Tests > sPhantom > sPhantom EA
they mention:
using default settings.
and the monthly return is more modest 4.41%
How can I hope to duplicate results if I don’t know the settings ?

In this and other forums, it is so rare to find a coherent, well-written, evidence-based contribution on a subject related to trading. This is outstanding work. My appreciation to JackMarkets with my hope that he will continue offering.

Very nice information. Thank you very much!

Some profitable systems I found on Fxbook: Trading Systems | Myfxbook

I am sure it is small percent of all unprofitable ones.

Hi Jackmarkets,
Under myfxbook, there are quite a few verified popular trading systems that produce extraordinary results. For example, ForexGrowthBot, REV Trader Pro Real, KeltnerPro - Jared, Vortex Trader Pro, ForexVenture Bot, etc.
All have excellent results for a few years.
Are these accounts real?
Thank you.


I would also like to know… I mean, many of them are clearly “fixed” on the broker side, but there are some that look legit even on that item… I know they are fake bc no one can deliver 20%/month forever, but how do they fake the broker?

Really helpful.