A Journey to my financial freedom

Greetings everyone. I will keep it simple.

My name is Johnbosco. But call me BOSCO. Am a new bee to in forex. I have always wanted to learn, I have serious desire to learn Forex. I will stay at it till i succeed.

why forex, Because it has the capacity to make me financially free.

why now, I need to learn it now the desire is still alive

your hopes and dreams, to be able to write my cheques at will.

your ultimate goal, to be so good as to trade other peoples money.

why am i here! because am optimistic that this noble platform will help me achieve the above dreams.

Thanks in anticipation.

Start by taking this site’s free education package. It will teach you how to go about becoming a trader properly. Open a demo account and practice what you’ve learnt.

To be successful treat it like a business, not a get rich quick scheme…

good luck…

Am in it for the same reason. Want FREEEEEDOM!!!