A little help

hello everyone.
I taught myself to trade using the school section of this site and have been trading full time for the past 2 years and im doing really well. I have been asked by a group of family and friends if I can trade for them. ive done a little bit of research and found some software called “signal magician” that sends signals to other accounts automatically. has anybody used this software or have any other suggestions?

thanks for the help.

I don’t know the software, but I have experience with trading for family and friends. Be aware that they can be a pain when you do that. I was asked almost daily how I was doing and how good or bad a certain trade was. That didn’t help me staying unbiased in my trading.

Just a warning.

that’s a discussion we’ve had and I’ve made it clear that interference will result in me just going back to trading for myself.

:slight_smile: I did to and went back to trading for myself… But it is good that you addressed it.