A newbie ready to learn as much as I can

Hi y’all am from Ghana, totally new to forex. I have read from so many post that it’s a tough business but am here to learn and have fun. I have great interest in forex but dnt get the time to learn but I believe I can learn a great deal here. So I don’t make a lot of mistakes when I go live.

Welcome aboard this great education site. Take it easy, one step at a time. Best of luck.

Hello and welcome! You will definitely learn so much from all the free trading materials here. Take your time learning and good luck on your trading journey!

Take your time and stick with it, it’s worth it once you get past the frustration stage

Welcome to the community, @OshiKanga. Yes it is tough and not a get rich quick scheme. You really need to put in the hard work to learn. Good luck on your fx trading journey.