A Trading tip for Newbies: Great way to learn trade!

Hello all on Newbie Island.
I want to share my experience with you: Learned trading with everestforex.com and received $100 to use toward my broker (started out with Sunbird- so far, I like it)
Happy learning and trading! Hope you find it as helpful as I did!

even better: for each friend I referred, I received an additional $50! (great perks: wish learning in school was this rewarding…:slight_smile:

Fantastic, such a comprehensive course and all free too, I’m so glad I found this thread this morning, can’t wait to get started on it.

Did you know that over 200 people have died on Mt Everest…a very dangerous place don’t you know.

Are you for real? I think their course is not better than Babypips School, but this is just me.

PS: I also got the 100$ into sumbirdfx from these guys.

I didn’t know that, I’ll make sure I wont be trading up there then!

Is this for real? I’ve been to the site and it’s more like an advertisement to attract traders rather than a comprehensive crash course… IMO

(confession: as someone who is relitively new to the trading world…) I benefited from the simulators and trading strategy slideshows

That’s exactly what it is. No way is it comprehensive.

Just an advert to attract traders - corr gees I’ve been duped again, Oh dear.

Yes it is… by the way you were praising it… I thought you were paid to collaborate…

But anyway, at least they give you some nice bonus, and I am now trading it. When they come back online I will post my ref link for whoever wants to help me :stuck_out_tongue:

The $100 they give you… Can you take that out?? Hahaha

I am trying to get it…

But they are giving me an hard time, today the server crashed and… well, I couldn’t close my trade in profit, I already sen an email requesting the money back… let’s see if that will be possible.