A Very Big Thank You to the BabyPip Crew


First i would like to thank many times to babypips for this fantastic website. It is the best learning website i have found. I spent months finding something like this. The school is a very good learning resource. It makes you want to read read read even if your brain is saying iv had enough for today.lol

I have graduated from the school. I know i have not fully understood everything yet, so i will be going over it again and i hope people on the forum will be able to help me too.

The one problem i still am having is entrying trades. This is even on the demo account. I think once i have grasped when to enter trades i will start to be ok.

By the way does anyone trade the Big Pippins Cowabunga System? Does anyone still trade the Alba Trade n Learn aswell?

Thanks in advanced for all the people who help me and to all the Baby Pip crew.