AAFX Trading reviews of pros and cons

The limitation is only for credit cards. You can withdraw only the amount of initial deposit to CC, profits must be withdrawn otherwise. I don’t know the exact reason for that. If you deposit using Skrill or Neteller, or some other payment method, you can withdraw profits using the same account. I use Skrill and normally it takes 5-10 hours to complete the transfer. Once I had to wait overnight.

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I saw you that that u use Skrill and Neteller.
I also use this epayments and I found out that they has a loyalty porgram called VipDeposits
So now I mostly use Skrill, I’ve made a money rotation like Skrill->Broker->Skrill->broker… for 5k euro and now i have no fees for withdrawals to my card.
They have a live chat so you can ask them how it works

This is a very strange limitation. I’d be glad to find out what it’s related to. I know the anti-money laundry act is something they are all guided with, but I don’t know which part of it is applied in this particular case.
I found out. The issue is that broker can mark the withdrawal to credit card as a refund, if the amount of withdrawal does not exceed the amount of initial deposit. This is convenient to customers in terms of taxation.

Guys, the AAFX demo has got limited amount of assets availabe for trading. Do they have enough stocks in their live-trading arsenal or just indices and a few major ones like Apple?

Yes I’ve read the negative responses to AAFX Trading myself. If the leverage isn’t that high I might either stay with Traderway or go to FX Choice. Traderway doesn’t have the Indices I need to scalp. FX Choice has them but their leverage isn’t all that high especially to get into a trade. FX Choice is regulated but doesn’t have stock and the widest selection to trade with. I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks about AAFX Trading. I’m loving the no swap fee. Traderway swap fees can be pretty big and eat into your profit.

Oh man, this is so much easier to visit the website and see for yourself!

LOL, if you need leverage AAFX can work out fine. Would 1:2000 for major currency pairs be enough :slight_smile: ? IMHO leverage is not the main advantage. Personally I liked the idea of a withdrawable bonus here. See above if you’ve missed that.

They’ve got a few dozens of major stocks. Not the greatest variety ever, but quite enough if you are not interested in exotics. Its true that the good thing about trading stocks here is that they don’t charge swaps or commissions for stocks. Spread only. But the leverage is gonna be limited for stocks trading, so keep that in mind.

Good day to everyone!
I see that there are some real clients of AAFX here. The issue is that I want to open an account, but at the moment $500 is a rather big summ for me :frowning: I’ve got $250 that I can really afford investing in a risky project like trading. The problem is that this broker wants a min $500 if you want to apply for 35% bonus.
I can borrow another $250 but I doubt this is a very good idea. Is that difficult to complete the bonus requirements? Is it very difficult?

Oh no, don’t do that. NEVER, never! trade with borrowed funds. This is a huge mistake. Even if you already feel like a trading guru, don’t trade with the funds that you can’t afford losing. Borrowed money is definitely something you can’t let go in vain easily.

I agree. Even though myself I’ve managed to complete these bonus requirements, I can’t recommend investing $500 and going for bonus in your particular situation. Fulfilling the bonus requirements adds some pressure to your trading.
Forgive me, but you don’t sound like the most experienced trader in gthe world, so better don’t play with this fire and invest only as much as you feel comfortable with losing. Or even better, start with a demo account and make sure you can close the month in black. Afterwards start trading live.

Got you, thanks. I’ve tried the demo already and the last two weeks have shown some decent results. I think I can trade same on a live account. But I’ll defnitely consider your recommendations. I agree that fulfilling the bonus requirements may change something in my trading approch.

LOL, don’t even doubt about it. It will change a lot in your trading approach.
Live trading is never same as demo trading.
Live trading under volume requirements pressur must be twice as difficult. So take you time to make the decisions, don’t hurry.

Well…Finally was about to make profit and AAFX scammed me. I should have listened to all of the reviews but now I’ve learned my lesson. Froze my equity when I was going into GBPJPY and they blew my account. I took profit on 4 trades over $100 to have the equity to support the trades. They didn’t add to my equity and stole my money along with the new trades I was getting in.

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yeah the reviews are very bad :grimacing:

To tell the truth I’m rather thanksful now for the advice. How weird the life can be! I was really frustrated back then that you guys disappointed me a bit in my expectations of fast profits.
Yet, I did invest some real money (without borrowing any) and… dang, that was the biggest disappointement ever. I’m in a 30% drawdown already :frowning:

If you had a few open positions that you did expect to be counted for a free margin, that might not be how it actually works.

Oh man, that sucks.Yet, the difference is really huge. Can’t be explained with psychology only. What has happened. Do you think this can be broker’s fault? Quotes manipulations?

I wish :frowning: No, unfortunately that really is a psychological kind of a thing. I can’t blame AAFX, even though I wish I could.
SnP index short, to make the long story short :frowning:

Hi! Sorry, I’m late and you probably have already made up your mind. But as others have already suggested, NEVER-EVER use money for trading that does not belong to you.

On no! SnP500 short with no stop loss, I believe?
If this is the case, that really is a psychological thing to consider. Its easy to cut losses with the demo account. A real one assumes you’ve got a little bit more courage and little less greed.

I know, I know. That’s exactly what’s happened. I always implement stop loss and take profit brackets on a demo account. This time I had those too! But for some unexplainable reason the stop loss order was moved further and further from the entry point. I can’t explain this with a simple logic. The only reason I’m writing about this experience is that I hope my mistake will help smb else to avoid the same one.

Thanks, no worries, the money is not borrowed. But thanks anyway, that’s a good advice as I see now ))