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How’s things going scotty?

thank you so much. this is very nice information for me.

I think metatrader 4 is the best thing for practice.

Good luck :smiley:

The School of Pipsology in BabyPips is the best.

MT4 is the best for practice. :sonriendo:

I also use it
can we be friends in investment?

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another one for MT4


How are you finding things?

yeah ok :slight_smile: not been trading long so still finding my feet lol. but I know ill get there.

Should I leave the order open for the weekend?

i am studying the pipsology and I am still on kindergarten.
When can I open a Demo account and where?
thank you!

You will

You are correct. As far as I know, this forum is best for every newbie. However, let me ask this: ‘please for how long can a newbie be on this forum before live trade?’ Because as for me if I have not mastered the art it’s difficult for me to start as I cannot afford to loose my hard earned money. God help us or me especially. Thank you.

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:grinning::grinning::grinning: good for u

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Hello Everyone, I am new to trading. I am still getting my training and education at the school of Pipsology. How can I open a demo account? Is it through Forex website? Please advise.

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I suggest to read and watch as many educational videos before even open a demo account. Rushing never helps when it comes to Forex Trading. Demo accounts will make you excited and soon you will be opening a real account and most def lose money. Be patient and take it seriously.

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Hi, is it safe to open a demo account on a unregulated broker???

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hey i’m from Algeria
Any ideas on the best platforms to practice on?
Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox

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Hey MaydayJane. I have been trading with Coinexx since months now and I have not faced any issue. Totally safe and smooth to trade.

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Sorry for the mix-up! I also use one of those, also liking it!

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