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I think metatrader 4 is the best thing for practice.

Good luck :smiley:

The School of Pipsology in BabyPips is the best.

MT4 is the best for practice. :sonriendo:

I also use it
can we be friends in investment?

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another one for MT4


How are you finding things?

yeah ok :slight_smile: not been trading long so still finding my feet lol. but I know ill get there.

Should I leave the order open for the weekend?

i am studying the pipsology and I am still on kindergarten.
When can I open a Demo account and where?
thank you!

You will

You are correct. As far as I know, this forum is best for every newbie. However, let me ask this: ‘please for how long can a newbie be on this forum before live trade?’ Because as for me if I have not mastered the art it’s difficult for me to start as I cannot afford to loose my hard earned money. God help us or me especially. Thank you.

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:grinning::grinning::grinning: good for u

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Hello Everyone, I am new to trading. I am still getting my training and education at the school of Pipsology. How can I open a demo account? Is it through Forex website? Please advise.

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I suggest to read and watch as many educational videos before even open a demo account. Rushing never helps when it comes to Forex Trading. Demo accounts will make you excited and soon you will be opening a real account and most def lose money. Be patient and take it seriously.

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Hi, is it safe to open a demo account on a unregulated broker???

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hey i’m from Algeria
Any ideas on the best platforms to practice on?
Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox

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Hey MaydayJane. I have been trading with Coinexx since months now and I have not faced any issue. Totally safe and smooth to trade.

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Sorry for the mix-up! I also use one of those, also liking it!

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Hey everyone! Being a newbie what are the points that one should check to use any Forex Broker. Want to know about core points that should be offered by best online and authentic Forex broker.

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While choosing a forex broker you should check trading platform, trade execution, quality of customer service rendered and trading costs. The number of online forex brokers has significantly increased over the last decade and all of them claim to offer quality services to their esteem customer. The core points that should be offered are leverage, low commission etc. There are many brokers like Coinexx who are well known forex brokers and known to offer tight spreads, low commission and high leverage up to 500x.