Absolute Beginner

Yeah we can find all necessary information for free which can help to study markets. But there are too few good books on risk management and examples of real trading strategies, most of them are performed on demo with good results but they’re basically useless for live.
I try to follow live trading journals with Hotforex (my current broker) and guess what Money management and strategy a trader uses to trade consistently in profit. I also try to understand mistakes he made to avoid making them myself.
Just my 2 cents!

I found an ebook by robert d.Edwards and john magee which could be useful the link is http://phoenixacademy.co/ebooks/ta.pdf

I recommend interactive education, like babypips offers. Like reading and tests. And finding a mentor/tutor is also a great idea (may be even a better one when you’re done with basics).


Sorry, i don’t think you will able to make profit continously by couple of days trading knowledge.
I know this sound harsh, but you need practice first before open trading account using real money. Trading is business, there is no such business in this world that can give you continous profit just learn it in couple of days.
I know my advise will hurt your feeling, but this is the best for you before you blow out your account.
you also can read my thread about my failure in order to achieve enlightment in trading:

Learn the basic first in babypips and start with demo or virtual account before you start real money.
I’m just regular person and it took me couple of years before i able to handle the trading with real money.
Hope you success in the future and keep learning.

Personally, I really love the way babypips teaches you, so it is a good way to read through everything in the school tab. And afterwards, move on to forums and choose the topics that you think is important to you :slight_smile:
At least that’s how I started, but I’m still in Newbie Island hahahaha