Academic Research on Veracity of Online Financial Media - Survey & Eventual Results


I would like to present my academic research survey that inquires about the effects of subtle online manipulation on the trading and investment decisions of inexperienced traders and investors.

For those who prefer the tl;dr mode, the survey follows (no personal information is necessary or collected):

For those who prefer a verbose introduction, participation is not mandatory, however, I would really appreciate your help in this matter as I truly believe that the future yielded results can shed light on the capability of traders and investors to distinguish sound financial media (in the form of articles, videos and podcasts) from malicious advice.

The survey is open to new, inexperienced, experienced and professional individuals alike because the study is built on the open availability of information that the Internet offers to all levels of society and sectors. Needless to say that the same goes for the finance industry.

Any one article may be viewed by the beginner and also by the professional but both may draw very different conclusions and may act very differently after interpreting the advice found in the media being viewed. So my research aims to quantify data in this regard.

With regards to the very valid concerns of privacy, I do not intend to collect email addresses or other personal information such as names, addresses, age, gender, and salaries as these are not the scope of my research. I like to think of the Internet population as one single nation carrying on with its activities in a common virtual space.

One last appeal from my end would be that if you found the topic and content interesting or have raised concerns on how Internet media is viewed or interpreted, please share forward this survey because the more participants this academic research has the more accurate it is. I am sure such data is of interest to many individuals and societies.

My intention is to publish online my dissertation, and therefore, the results (college permitting!).

Without further ado, the above link is reproduced here as well.

Thank you all for ploughing through this lengthy post and I am looking for further interactions on the subject being discussed here.

I completed your survey. I blame social media marketing hype that promises newbies they can become financial free in no time as the FX market is full of gold just waiting to be taken.

It’s very difficult to get across that traders will lose money while trading, it’s not a one way street.


Thank you very much, @steve369 for using your time for my survey, I am grateful.

I recall a particular advertisement on YouTube that promoted a mobile app that promised to teach trading. So, I installed it. Five minutes later the course from this app finished and concluded by displaying a button to a very famous social trading platform. And, the 5-minute course included only that a stock going upwards means profit and going downwards means loss. Like that is enough to initiate a prospective trader. Very questionable advertisement.

That is indeed true. Nobody wants to risk their capital but all want to maximise profits without sacrifice.

Update - for this research more surveys are required.

I would be grateful if more participants took the survey.

Thank you very much.

Another call for survey participants, please.

Hopefully, you find its contents interesting for the treated matter is very relevant to use newcomers to the financial industry.

Thank you in advance.