Acttrader, metatraders or ctrader?

It would be wrong to say that a trading platform is better than the other because if you ask a beginner, they would prefer MT4 over others and when you ask professional traders, they will find cTrader and ActTrader better. It is always a personal choice and that’s how it should be seen and made use of.

What’s the programming language used in metatraders? Not that I’m planning to create any tool in the near future, just asking.

So I reckon it’s for more experienced traders then.

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It’s swings and roundabouts with differing brokers.

User-friendly and customizable- are the only requirements that I expect my platform to provide me. Since I get it with MT5, I don’t feel like using any other platforms, no matter how well they work for other traders.

It depends on what you are in need of. You can compare different platforms on the basis of the indicators and EAs they offer. After all, that’s what matters overall!

But as far as I know, traders are recommended to build their own EAs or did I miss anything!

Yes, an immediate beginner shall focus more on MT4 or MT5.

I had been using MT4 and have recently switched to Acttrader. Feels like MT4 lacks some features that most other platforms offer. But can’t deny that MT4 is great for beginners to start their journeys with.

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Do you know how the OCO works in the Act trader?

Prefer CTrader personally.

No, you didn’t miss anything. Not to forget, recommendations are based on personal experiences and they can be different for different people. I am that type of trader who uses both the readymade and custom EAs depending on the market situation I am in. It’s nothing like readymade or commercial EAs don’t work well because I have had great trades with them while trading with turnkeyforex in the past. Experimenting with tech stocks now on fidelity, I am working on an EA to work on long term movements. Tasted success with the last bot so trying another now.

It is true, only few brokers are offering Act trader platform. I am using Meta trader but recently my broker, Coinexx has also introduced Act trader as a trading platform. I am planning to start trading on Act trader because of its functionalities. And I will be comparing the both.

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Do post your comparison deets here mate, might help me :slight_smile:

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I agree with you because from what I have seen is the difference in order execution which is faster with Acttrader. I kind of like the charts on it as well.

That great!

Exactly I have the same question, as I am newbie I am practicing on MT4, or should I explore ActTrader and CTrader also??

I’m all the way team Metatraders here. I mean how can you get something better than MT4 or even 5?? It is so simple to use and I haven’t found any bad reviews. The custom indicators are pretty cool, and I usually love to automate my trades so that is something I find interesting with them.

I personally use Act Trader because for me, it works as a complete trading platform with the majority of trading instruments and highly customisable conditions.

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When it comes to learning there is no end, you can definitely learn about new things, no harm in that.