Advice on Trading indices with MT4?

I want to trade indices along with my little portion of investment in commodities and forex. Low spreads are my priority with preferably MetaTrader 4 platform or other.

Anyone can help?

fxview is a good option.

I doubt you can trade commodities and indices with mt4. Might have to rethink

nah won’t happen! Mt4’s only for forex. Try ctrader, it’s one of the best platforms in the market. MT5 is also decent, was using it earlier with admiral markets, but found it lacking on dot charts, supports only bar, candlestick and line. And the 4 charts cover the whole screen, leaving no space for other stuff on the system. Find ctrader much better that way.

fxtm - 0.4 pips, fxpro -0.5, alpari and fxview - 0 pips and octafx - 0.3 pips onwards. These are lowest spread brokers in my radar. I have demo accounts with half these brokers and I can tell that most things they claim are right. But don’t expect these spreads to be fixed. Average 1.3 is normal with fxpro.

You’re right, crazy number of time frames is just mental stuff.

go for XTB!

How are the spreads? If I’m not wrong their commissions are high, a pricey broker I think!

There’s no good thing in this life that comes cheap! I hate when people rant about the high cost of some brokers like Saxo bank, i mean if you want premium you have to pay premium. You can’t expect Bugatti at the price of a Honda can you?

Fxview is much convenient option, spreads and commissions are low.

mt4/5, ctrader, all the same. They are just basic softwares that support trading. I find mt5 really good, i’ve been using it on fxview and the 21 time frames it supports are more than enough.

If you reaaalllly want to make a lot of money, use a broker that gives really high leverage. Heard of aafx anybody?

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If you reaaallllly want to lose all your money, there are more fun ways of doing so than losing it all to a broker lol.

@Joeroottkarl wonder what premiumness you get with saxo bank, is it the high trading balance that you require to be able to make an account with them that makes you feel special? For anyone who has to trade forex, commodities, indices, on Metatrader, i think my broker fxview is as good as any, if not better. Withdrawals are timely, commissions, trade size, spreads are low, I’d rather go with cheap than spend more than make in trading.

Hey! High leverage is not necessarily bad. A must for profits with micro accounts.

Always trade indices with CFDs. It’s the safest thing to do. Which platform or broker you use is immaterial. You can easily go long or short without being bothered about exchanges.

Is it so? As per my experience trading CFDs on etoro,cityindex,fxview has been far more profitable than with some banks. What do you have to say for that?

Trade market-weighted indices and you’ll be good. I got good returns on DAX30.

FTSE100 is hot!

For me it’s SPXUSD and F40EUR that’s been doing the trick. When the volume is more and price moves outside S&R level, basically on a breakout I take position. I get the lowest spreads at this time on fxview, average for SPXUSD being 0.3 and F40EUR at 0.7. 225JPY is the worst, with 6 pips spreads, mostly. On capital(dot)com I have made the most profit on FTSE100.