Advise on signals

Would you recommend if while learning one could take signals (with risk management in check).

Scenario: Few days ago I was a webinar with a South African forex millionaire, himself who offered his site for this purpose.

I mean he’s someone public that anyone could call out on if something goes wrong. Is it trustworthy

By putting your trust in someone else’s signals you are not learning anything. He is not making his money trading, he is making his money off your monthly subscription fee.

Put your hard earned money into learning how to trade properly.

“Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish…” you know the rest.


A signal is not a strategy. They vary but often take the form of simply a target entry price plus target TP and stop-loss prices. Often the target entry price is behind price and price never goes back there. So in theory its a good signal but in practice useless. And if price does pull back towards the target but stops short or over-shoots, what do you do then?

If you just want an entry signal, it does not take more than a day to learn how a simple objective signal is generated. If it takes longer than this to understand its too complicated to use anyway.

But even generating your own simple entry signals, like buy 3 pips above the high of a pin bar in a downtrend will not on its own make you consistently profitable.

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How about account management? I know it’s higher risks… But my point is “making the money while learning”

I get what you mean… He’s not taking the risks I’m taking… He’s just the seller of a commodity he might not use

There are a lot of terms here that remind me of chemistry :disappointed_relieved:. I know signals aren’t strategy. They are the process of someone analysing a chart and giving you entry and exit prices.

I understand it’s risks too like it not reaching the price (stop short?).

Yes, but not only that.

Imagine that before taking a signal service you had to explain to the Managing Director of your employer and the Board of Directors and the Chief Finance Officer why they should let you do this. How would you convince them its a good idea? In fact, not just a good idea, but the best idea above and beyond everything else you could be working on?

:joy: omg what a brutal way to put it

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according to my trading experience , i think the result from any trading signal its all about short time issue , there is nothing permanent something.

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just like the strategies created, they are also profitable only for some time :wink:

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True, that’s my major problem with signals. You are using someone else’s expertise and not learning anything yourself this way.

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Following signals is not a good idea if you want to learn the trading. No matter how good the signals are. Trading is more of a psychological. During your learning period, you have to be careful about making bad habit. Following signals you won’t be able to develop your own judgement ability.

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In my opinion, the signals should be used very carefully. At least there is no guarantee that you will correctly apply them and achieve a positive result.

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I believe that signals are a very difficult thing. In my opinion, it is also necessary to be able to use them correctly.

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Personally I do not recommend that anyone buys trading signals. Learn how to trade. Don’t let others trade for you.

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Of course it isn’t permanent. My concern is if it is advisable say you want to make some money while demo trading?

What’s this “Use them correctly”

Yes, i agree that there will be losses… trading on your own too, you don’t get off without having a loss two :woman_shrugging:t5:

I do appreciate all your replies… but the point is… you’re learning, demo trading but say you want to make money on the side while still learning from trading - that’s my point

suggest me a signal provider or EA with guaranteed profit. does they really exist?