African girl in search of mentorship

Hey guys my name is Dee, I’m new here…I’m looking for some mentorship someone who has been in the game for a while and who can be with me as I start this journey.

Hi, visit the education section and write a post when you will have any questions :slight_smile: Regards Greg

Welcome to the forum, plz look at the education section of babypips and you can learn the Forex free and can ask your questions and get the replies from seniors of this forum and enhance your knowledge.

Plently of free material here to not be asking for mentorship! Make sure you go through the course as the guys above mention

I have seen a lot of people looking for mentors to get help with their forex trading careers. I truly believe that if you are determined to take advantage of the market, you can do that even without a mentor. Trust yourself and make your own way.


Very well put!

Hey. You can go to the education section of the platform and start the learning process.