Ake's Trading Adventure

same here. Some people use it as prime tool to catch swings, but it seems this doesn’t work for me at all… Gonna try to focus on others…

Don’t want to be the guy whos always in your face, but DUDE… in the beginning you wrote:

[B]1. Screenshots of my charts, with annotations for trade setups/trade entries/trade exits[/B]
2. Screenshots of my End of Month performance tracker on Excel, along with its partner equity curve
3. Screenshots of my “Trade Tracker” excel sheet, which gives the nitty-gritty details of all my trades
4. Text summaries of trades I have entered, and the reasons for doing so
[B]5. general market commentary[/B]
[B]6. general self-analysis on my psychological/emotional state[/B]
7. occasional (but hopefully not frequent) outbursts of anger on particularly frustrating trading days[/I]

You gotta be strict with yourself. I know am not the one who should give advices, but… At least am posting my trade ideas and show how awful they are. Am being open about my failures, not hiding them in the dark. Believe me it helps. A LOT.

On 2012.05.08 you wrote that your account is in net profit. After a couple of days you drop 10%??? What risks are you taking?.. How many trades are you taking?.. I believe this is why you fail. You let yourself down the spiral way to often… And the more you burn the more gasoline you spill on yourself.
Come on, man. I really want you to start making money!

Start doing what you promised. Star putting your trade ideas - enter & exists before the market. Start posting self-analysis on emotions (last two days should have been emotional hell for you)… Be strict!!!

Edit: OOPPPSS my bad about the 10% :smiley: i saw second number 8 and it stuck in my head while i was writing :smiley: taking off some heat of you :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Read this book: Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker

It’s brilliant, trust me.


You’ve been quiet this week. What’s going on?

Glad to hear it.

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