Alba System?

First off, sorry if this has been covered. I searched the forums and couldnt find any matches.

I read the babypips school about a year ago. From there I bought a couple books and expanded my forex knowledge. I signed up with FXCM under babypips and in return I recieved the Alba Trading System. I traded for a little while, got a modest return and stopped thinking about forex and focused on school. I am now getting ready to graduate and I prepare to get back into trading. Does the Alba system still exsist? I saw that BP had a new system. Is the Alba system not applicable anymore? Any information would be great. Thanks

Hi climberguy,

Welcome back to the Forex world! We no longer hold training sessions for the Alba system since it was getting too overwhelming for us due to the great response we were getting. Instead, we are trying to just provide as much training as we can through our blogs. This allows us to really focus our attention and keeps our time management in check. You can follow along with our new Cowabunga system in the “Pip My System” blog. All the rules are given for free and I try to provide as much information on it as possible to make it easy to understand. Hope you can follow along with me!

Happy trading!


Thanks for the reply! Is the alba system still applicable to today’s market? Or has it been abandoned for something better?

I will look at the Cowabunga system. It sounds great. I just didnt know if I can get back into the swing of things with Alba or if it is out of date.

Thanks for the great website and information.

Alba still works because it bases its entries on prior market movement. So even if the market is moving differently now then before, it will still work.

How can we get the alba manual I am applying already one year. Thanks. karl