Alert FX Service Packing It In?

Hi all,

I just signed up for the alert fx service and noticed its owner MG Forex went out of business and some of its assets were sold to GAIN. I am assuming since the alert fx service is free that the reason it was used by MG was free publicity/advertsing, hoping that if you signed up for the alerfx, you may also join MG. Now that MG is defunct will alertfx follow behind?


It depends if they were any good.

Used MG’s Alert FX service up until MG (i never traded with them) closed shop and the prices stopped moving. A few weeks ago, got a completely random email about “Curalert”, and I will say that it’s awesome.

Actually, it seems like is back up and running, just signed up… i don’t see the MG name anywhere so i’m assuming someone bought it out.