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Algo took three trades this week. All were winning trade. Not that significant gain as compared to the loss I had. However, it’s a gain.

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Thanks for the update. Hoping your success continues into this week!

Looking good!


This was a mixed week for me. 3 wins and 2 losses.

One thing to observe is that Algo took one trade in demo but not in live. There was no error whatsoever in the logs. This makes me believe the price is not the same in live vs demo. Since calculations consider fractional pips, even small differences in price will affect execution.

Oanda performance tool is not showing today’s trade under performance however the graph is. So posting graphs this time.

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Lots of trades this week. This is because I have added GBPJPY. So now I’m trading EURUSD, AUDNZD and GBPJPY. Oh boy! GBPJPY is very volatile.

AUDNZD is trading on H4 time frame (TF) with different lot size and other two on M30 TF with same lot size.

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Is this an effect of Friday the 13th? I have more winners than losers this week.

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Wow! Is this my luck or my strategy is working? 2nd consecutive green week!

When I started this week my P&L was around $100. At the end of the week it is $95. Lets see how much time it will take to recover these losses, if it recovers. Now I’m trading 6 instruments out of which AUD_NZD is on a different strategy than others. Instruments: EUR_USD,GBP_JPY,GBP_AUD,NZD_JPY,USD_CHF,AUD_NZD

I’m excited…

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Just wow! I haven’t enjoyed reading a journey so much before. I study Computer Science at A-Level and for my project next year I too want to make a trading robot. You’re diligence and faith in the algo is inspiring, I don’t credit myself to be a great trader but I do have my own system that I use manually and it has proved profitable.

It sounds so much easier then it will be, but do you think it would be possible for me to copy over my current system into an algo?

Keep up the work man, it is truly a pleasure to follow this thread

Hey Kian McGrath,

Glad that you are enjoying this thread! To answer your question, everything becomes easy once we start doing things. You can for sure transpose your manual trading to an automated trading. There will be hurdles and technical glitches as I have pointed out below but they can be overcome by proper error handling and planning.

  1. Connection problem with API endpoint.
  2. Random errors like API not returning the number of items that are expected.
  3. One time because of a technical glitch I had a position open over the weekend.
  4. Today because of a glitch a trade wasn’t executed.
  5. Due to the disconnect of the stream my trade monitor failed and my losses surpassed the threshold.
  6. Now I have my Algo setup on cloud otherwise every now and then internet connection issues.
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@s_kushwah be patience :slight_smile: if your strategies show you profitability in back test and live results are similar with current back test, it is only time to recover loss :slight_smile:

@KianMcGrath if you want to trade by algo, you should consider rent a VPS.



Interesting week! Good wins in the beginning and then sudden drop.

This week was a short week because of Thanksgiving holiday. My Algo doesn’t take trades on US holidays.

So, as I stated earlier (Week#17), with no stop there are chances of losing big. This is what happened this week. Everything was going fine until a bad trade hit. I’m prepared for it and my backtest results have shown recovery after bad hits.

I still have three trades open which will carry over to next week. Will see how they end next week.

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My last week’s 3 open trades turned out to be green. This week I had two big losses. I have 3 open trades going next week.

Looking at the big losses I tried to back test different stop loss strategies however no one turned out to be profitable as compared to what I have now. Hence I’m leaving my stop loss strategy as is and will re-evaluate in coming months.

I tried below stop loss strategies…

  1. Fixed stop.

  2. Time based. If TP is not hit by 6th candle close trade.

  3. 1:2 rato. And other combinations such as 1:3, 1:4 etc.

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Down Down and Down! Couple of big drops and my circuit breakers hit. It is easy to see recovery from such a drop in back test however it’s hard in live account. I’m trusting my back test and still not updating the stop loss strategy. Will see how it will go.

Oanda seems to be down so not posting any report this week. Anyway there is nothing exciting to post this week.


My account was around $300 last week because of big drops however it has recovered 50% of my losses. I have two trades going next week. From my past experience, over the weekend positions turned out to be a winner. Will see how they go.

Looking at the stats my strategy has a high win rate. However, the losses are out of control. That is what I have to work on. But my back test results have shown that even though with big losses in the long run my account will be positive. I think I need to trust my back tests results after seeing this week’s gains. Will see how long this trust will last. It’s hard to see money going under :slight_smile:

Journey so far:


From last week’s two trades one turned out to be positive and other trade is still hanging in there. I’m under the water this week. Will see how it will turn out in the last week of the year.

This is my last post of this year. See you in 2021. Have a safe and happy holiday and a happy new year!

Journey so far:

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How have you backtested your strategy?

@CavaliereVerde, I have coded my own back test mechanism. The max data that I have test is 15 years because that is the max Oanda provides. For my current strategy, I’m testing 5 years of data as time frame is M30 and I think that’s enough sample size.

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Final week of 2020:

I started with $200 then added some more money to make it $435. At the end of year I’m 25% down in 6 months of live trading. I think the good thing is I haven’t blown up my account. I started with one strategy and ended up with another. I have added some money to start 2021 with $1000.

This year I had only one positive month and the rest were all in red.

Year end summary:


2020 Recap:

I started live trading EURUSD on June 14, 2020 with $200. My strategy was pretty simple to identify candlesticks patterns by analyzing 4-5 candles on H4. My back test results with this strategy were magnificent. So I decided to trade without putting proper stop strategy. By July I was up 30%. Wo ho! Flying above the ground! Went through some drawdowns however was able to recover. One more reason to fly. :smile: It was just a matter of time my account started going down and I was of the impression it will come back only to realize it is going down more. Hence revisited strategy and started looking for risk management. Put some risk management strategies and got it under control. However, it was under control but wasn’t recovering.

Starting October I started trading the M30 time frame. The strategy is to catch small profits based on wicks of 10 candles. I call it Magnetic Wicks! This works really good, however the losses are very huge. During the holidays, I back tested with 5 years of data with different stop loss strategies and finally decided to go with a time wise stop strategy. If a trade has to win then it should be done within a certain number of candles. So, for different instruments the stop candle time is different. EURUSD 19 candles, GBPJPY 15 candles, GBPAUD 14 candles, USDCHF and NZDJPY 240 candles. However, still losses are bigger but not out of control. In the long run winners will compensate those losses and maybe turn my account green. Will see…

I’m still trading AUDNZD with my old H4 strategy.

2021 - Week#1

Not a bad first week of the year. Only lost some. Did some coding mistakes in the beginning but was able to fix them quickly.

Journey so far:

2021 - Week#2

Up from the previous week! I still have one trade going next week.

Journey so far:

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