Algorithmic trading developer


Is there any algorithmic trading developer in here, so that I can give you my strategy and you can make an EA.

Jorge Montero

Hi, why someone should make you EA for free? Regards Greg

Hey Greg,

Where does it say it would be for free?

nowhere, but you also haven’t written that you want to pay for it :wink:

so what conditions should your strategy meet? is it secret

so don’t assume…

Check my post from 2018

There is no secret mate, there are some small adjustments to my strategy from 2018 but the core is the same.

everything we do is based on assumptions. The strategy may be easy for you, but not for the computer. price action is a discretionary method and the computer doesn’t know what you think is a point of support and resistance at the moment. good luck :slight_smile:

I have been surprised by sometimes how difficult it is to describe in code what my eyes see.