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[B]Alpari ru send a new Email to all client and wanna they working same IB’S and make new customer Like HYPE SCAM investment ( they do this and so pull all investor money in last ) do not forget who help this for an scamer same helping to that scam program and people loss money for afew dollar you give from people money ( alpari ru give and just make a little give to IB’s ) don’t helping alpari ru to do this cheating , people working hard and make money so some HYPE broker give them money and in the end dont answer right to client and perhaps you can not go to Moscow and compliant about them , because this is just extra money you will be loss , never Russian agree to your compliant because they are a company from Newz land and if you gonna to that country they say alpari ru is not here they working in Moscow , any way i wan’t to say here dont invest and don’t trade and don’t help alpari ru in this way , if you doing you will be like a member of that Scam investment .[/B]
Alpari NZ Limited = alpari ru new Scam program = Hype
here alpari ru email to client:

Dear Clients,

The Partnership Programs Department is happy to announce that there will soon be improvements in the terms and conditions of our partnership agreements. On June 14, 2010, Alpari will carry out a large-scale unification of two of our partnership programs: the “IB Representative” and the “Web Representative”. The new partnership program is called “Introducing Broker” and combines all the advantages of the previous programs.

[U]Now all partners will be able to use banners and receive compensation amounting to 25% of the spread on transactions made by their clientsYou[/U] can find more details on the new terms and conditions in the new Introducing Broker Regulations.

All existing IB and Web Representatives will be transferred into the new partnership program automatically. Partners with two partner accounts can have their clients transferred to one account through submission of a request to the Partnership Programs Department.

We’d like to ask that all partners familiarize themselves with the updated Introducing Broker Regulations.

Best Regards,
Alpari RU Partnership Programs Department

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