Am a beginner in the field of forex

Am new in the field, a Nigerian by birth and also a resident, first thing is to learn, become an expert, free my self from 8-5, make money and at the same time help and grow with others

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Without discipline in trading, it is not possible to make a profit. Discipline should be maintained for every trade. Successful traders do not trade without discipline. Many traders patiently maintain a lot of discipline and they will one day succeed in trading.

Profitable trading is not possible if the trading analysis is not accurate. There are many strategies with which one can get an idea about the future movement of the market through analysis. It is understood through analysis when the market will take a buy or sell position.

It’s good to have you here. As you have just started, I would like to suggest that you find a good source of knowledge for you and make the most of the forex market.

Hello and welcome to the platform. You can get started with the pipsology course and begin your learning journey. All the best to you.