Am having trouble interpreting charts

Guys i was using Trading view and viewing the EURUSD chart and i realized the calibrations on the graph have 5 decimal places…how do I calculate the pips for every rise to the next calibration? Because I thought the calibrations should be to 4 decimal places so that each rise in the 4th decimal place indicates one pip raise

Hello brother.
1 pip = 10 points
0.00010 = 1 pip
0.00020 = 2 pips
0.00030 = 3 pips

and so on. For 3 digits pair.
0.010 = 1 pip
0.020 = 2 pips

I hope this helps

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Thanks bro…i really appreciate that thing has been giving me a hard time ever since I started using the trading view :blush:

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No problem bro, I am glad I was able to help you.

Yes usually currency pairs consist of 5 decimal points except for JPY pairs which consist of 3

the pip is the second to last decimal (4th in this case)
and the point is the last decimal (5th in this case)
Plus, as mentioned above 1pip=10 points

Btw, this applies to all CFDs (currencies, stocks, metals, crypto, indices, energies, etc…)

This one is actually something I saved lol:

Here’s the link:

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Thanks this has actually helped me a lot…i can’t believe I had forgotten with what I started with😂

Same lol. Sometimes all it takes is a colorful graphic :joy: