'Am I really a trader?'

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Trading is aiming to take money from the other guy.
Investing is taking the long side with a view the company or commodity is going up.
Derivatives are contracts that expire. In forex there is no taking delivery.
You are a de facto trader.:33:

I’m not sure I would fully agree with all of this. Trading is not just about taking money from a counterparty. At its heart trading is about exchanging goods and services. There was a time when I would swap my furs from my hunting trips for food and utensils. Both parties were happy with their trade. Nowadays I could say that I trade my labour with my employer for money as an intermediate medium for later exchange with others into other commodities. Of course, when trading we do also try to do good deals :slight_smile:

Also in forex there is indeed a lot of taking delivery. Every time a company or person buys something that is priced in another currency they have to exchange and take delivery of that currency in order to pay for it. Options and derivatives are also instruments that can lead to physical delivery if kept to their expiry date although I don’t think that actually happens very often.

Trading in our familiar environment is mostly speculative dealing for profit only, but trading does have a much wider application than our particular sphere of interest.

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I am really a forex trader, It is a part of my life . I do not trade every day even then too I remain updated , concern about forex market. You can try forex business as a prt time it will give you better support for earning if you get proper learning and practice of forex trading.

Forex you own nothing, the broker is the holder of the futures or commodities contract. Trading is taking money from the other side or losing money to the other side. The broker spreads skews the quotes. In the end you are a trader good or bad.

No - apologies indeed for the contentious tone, but this simply isn’t right [B][U]at all[/U][/B].

I assure you that when I trade forex, I own the currencies I’ve bought, in the amount in which I’ve bought them (bought them with leverage, i.e. effectively a loan from the broker which carries terms and conditions, but it’s still real money, really changing hands).

A [I]broker[/I] is someone who trades on his clients’ behalf in a market (in this case, it’s the interbank market) to which those clients don’t themselves have access.

I understand completely why you’re saying what you’re saying, but I’m afraid you’re confusing “[I]brokers[/I]” with “[I]counterparty market-makers[/I]”. Your own forex “broker” is doubtless actually a counterparty market-maker, [B]not[/B] a real broker, so you’re effectively having a side-bet with someone who’s holding your deposited funds and holding the other side of your “trading positions”. That’s the choice you’ve made, but it doesn’t [U]have[/U] to be like that, at all.

It’s true that in the world of retail forex, there are some counterparty market-makers who pretend to be brokers, and some of their clients perhaps imagine that they’re brokers, but if the position is what you’re referring to above, they’re simply not. This is just factual.

It took me awhile before I transitioned from “I want to be a trader” to “I am a trader”. Possibly a few years after I first started learning how to trade.

One day I suddenly realised that my internal voice had changed, and I was calling myself a trader. I can remember the exact moment (it was evening as I was walking from home to the local shops).

If you’re a breakeven trader, then I think you can start calling yourself a trader. At that point, it’s only a matter of sharpening your skills until you become profitable. But to call yourself a PROFESSIONAL trader, you need to have most of your income come from trading. Just my thoughts.

Thanks Kevin!!!