Am i wrong or right about lots?

Helo evryone

I could use some help i am trying to understand units and lots for the different types of stocks not just for forex but overall. Now i have missunderstood please correct me and please be patient with me.

Now appearantley the lot is the number right before the decimal in any stock be it currencies or commodities or what ever. now i shall upload an image with what i think is a lot.

so if that is a lot, what would we call values that we see so many other places where there 4-7 numbers before the decimal. such as the next image below

in the case i am correct what makes a unit if so?

Is that what you see on the vertical axis of your chart?

If it is, it is the price of the instrument you are looking at.

A lot is not the first decimal in the stock or currencies price.

Lots = the quantity of currency or stock to buy or sell.

That is the price… Of what your trading. The price for 1 unit, (1 share) now the amount of units you buy / sell varies for different assets !! Currencies use Lots 1 Lot = 100,000 units or 0.10 Lots is 10,000 units of currency. Some brokers may have a certain minimum amount of shares you can buy say 1 contract = 100 shares same for oil etc . Always check the instruments specification .for details