Amateur investors ruined by the crypto crash

The great thing about this big sell-off is that it will greatly improve the skillset of those who lost money but to carry on trading.


I never understood the mentality of doing that. It’s like FOMO x1000 to take out debt to put into a risky asset class. Madness to be honest. I can’t feel sorry for people that did that either.

Now that’s a tragic story. difficult situation for someone inexperienced to come into so much money so quickly, not thinking that maybe it happened out of pure luck.

Market dips and losses are part of the entire picture, this can’t be surprising. Invest the kind of amount you are willing to risk. Create a budget and follow it to avoid losing all your capital.

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I feel like for these people, they had so much hope in crypto that they weren’t able to think straight. :confused:

Kind of crazy that this is still continuing to this day. :sleepy:


Yeah. :confused: I guess the hype and toxic optimism for these new investments really keep people carelessly spending their money. :confused:

It seems to me that the “I will put all eggs in one crypto basket” mentality wasn’t helpful for them either. I assume that you could distribute those six-figure savings more wisely.

Agree. :confused: It’s been a while since I’ve read this article. Now, I wonder how these people are doing. :open_mouth: