Amazon&Alibaba of Signals: Forex on FIRE

Here I will be journalling my strategy. There is definitely room for improvement so I am making it public for other people to add in their tweaks and fixes to optimize its money milking abilities. The goal is to develop a strategy that is so powerful that allows us to risk at least a big fat 5% per trade.

I took a 3.8k account to 10.4k from 4-15/November

The strategy is based fundamentally on my set of providers’ signals I get from Forex on Fire as my main source. These FoF guys scout the internet for the best signal providers just like No Nonsense forex does for indicators, combined they add an extra significant edge to this method.

Specifically, grab the top 2 Strongest and Weakest Currencies across my providers’ signal combined with 2 No Nonsense Forex algo contest winners as confirmation to enter a power trend with high volume.

So what I do is that I count how many times each currency is bought or sold, example pictured below:

Then I take the currencies of the top 2 ratios to be my strongs and the top 2 ratios of sell to be my weaks.

In the pictured example, the current watchlist will be USDCAD short, GBPCAD long, AUDUSD long, GBPAUD short.

The 2 algos I will be using are the top 2 winners of a No-Nonsense Forex contest back in May 2019. This increases the probabilities that the tools im using are of good quality. However, they are backtested for the Daily Chart while I will be trading this strategy on the H1. When the two agree then we enter the trade!

Here are the algos instructions in both pictured format and extracted text in case you guys can’t read easily.


DarthKankles 11/05/2019

  1. DarthKankles
    2-3. ATR, Baseline - 10 EMA, Confirmation - FX Sniper, Confirmation - ASH, Volume - VQZL, Exit - Doteki Heiken Ashi
  2. OANDA
  3. $1000 USD
  4. Two initial trade entry signals possible: Baseline cross and Zero line cross on primary confirmation. Two exit signals possible: Doteki Heiken Ashi color change and Baseline cross
    • Baseline Short Signal Entry: when a candle crosses baseline short if Sniper signals short, ASH signals short, and VQZL shows adequate volume, enter trade short. One Candle rule does not apply.
    • Baseline Long Signal Entry: when a candle crosses baseline long if Sniper signals long, ASH signals long, and VQZL shows adequate volume, enter trade long. One Candle rule does not apply. Baseline signals will not be
    taken if candle close is further than 1x ATR away from baseline
    • Primary Confirmation Short Signal Entry: when Sniper crosses zero and signals short, if candle close is below baseline, ASH signals short, and VQZL show adequate volume, enter trade short. One candle rule applies
    Baseline signals will not be taken if candle close is further than 1x ATR away from baseline
    • Primary Confirmation Long Signal Entry: when Sniper crosses zero and signals long, if candle close is above baseline, ASH signals long, and VQZL show adequate volume, enter trade long. One candle rule applies.
    • Doteki Heiken Ashi Exit Signal: when in a long trade, if color change to red at close of candle, exit trade. When in a short trade, if color change to blue at close of candle, exit trade.
    • Baseline Exit Signal: When in a long trade, if a candle closes below baseline, exit trade. When in a short trade, if candle closes above baseline, exit trade,
    1.77 KB
    754 KB
    2.97 KB
    23.43 KB
    ATR (14 days), Baseline = 10 EMA, Primary confirmation = FX Sniper (21,5,0.618), Secondary confirmation = ASH (0,20,4,4,0,3,3), Volume = VQZL (7,3,7.0), Exit = Doteki Heiken Ashi (10)

Janine 07/05/2019

  1. Janine
  2. SSL Channel Chart alert, Exit and First confirmation Indicator, Imput value 1. Fx Fish 2nd confirmation indicator, default. Waddah-Attar_Explosion, Volume Indcator default.
    Custom SMA , Imput value 5.
  3. Activtrades
  4. $1000
  5. a, Long entry candle closing above baseline or Short entry
    candle closing below baseline.
    b. SSL channel chart Indicator Entry after close of next candle long short flip.
    c. Fx fish must be green long/red
    Thank you @SixString Razor you are quite right , struggling with the fomat. Still have not got it right. I will use a word document next time.

Stop Loss is set 1.5ATR H4

TP Open

We exit when QQE Averages Histogram Indicator’s moving lines on H1 flip. We discard the exit rules of Janine and Darth Kankles. VP, the host of NoNonsense Forex, has sent out a few weeks ago one f his top Exit indicators called REX, but another member suggested that QQE is better.

Current balance at 8.4k, because of news I got fact so im writing this as a reminder and implementation to avoid news.

Today’s Watchlist is USDCAD short, GBPCAD short, AUDUSD long, GBPAUD short. Indicators say NO, therefore, NO ENTRIES.

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Today the watchlist remains the same with two trades open that have met all the entry rules criteria. USDCAD short and GBPCAD short. Missed the big drop as I was sleeping but the earnings would still have been huge even if I waited for the 1 hour candle to close before the entry.

Watchlist: USDCAD short, GBPCAD short, AUDUSD long, GBPAUD short

the indicators used in this strategy

I dont know how you can trust this system. But you have tripled your account… so I’ll be eagerly awaiting fo you to get to 30k. Best of luck. :+1:

I have just entered GBPAUD a bit late, all indicators aligned!

News got me with USDCAD, I entered after the explosion because the rules said so. Then the panic calmed down and lost the position. I’ll keep playing this way anyway until proven wrong.

GBPCAD and GBPAUD closed in good profit as I don’t wanna hold over the weekend in case of gaps.

BEAUTIFUL WEEK. I haven’t had the time or focus left to post because I am working on Forex On Fire’s promotional stuff, its instagram, developing my marketing skills, bumping onto proof again and again that the thing you wanna do the least is actually the thing you need to do the most as said by Steven Pressfield in his book War of Art.

I have for the first time in life managed to go from being COMPLETELY incapable and too weak to get off the bed after even 10 hours of sleep every single miserable day to working 15-19 hours a day this week every single day, being able to jump off the bed wayyyyy more effortlesly compared to 6-7 weeks ago…for two reasons:

  1. I downloaded Alarmy on my phone that it wont shut the f$$$$ up unless you either solve math problems, shake it hundreds of times or take pictures of barcodes. The intolerable grogginess disappears like no other super quickly.

1b. I bench press and pull-up hard around 80-90 kgs 5 reps, 3 sets, finish off the set weight-free and also 1000 skippings all in empty stomach first thing in the morning. Sometimes I might take a few sips of alcohol like Winston Churchil who would finish a whole bottle of whiskey before breakfast or Charles Bukowski.

  1. I have finally realized after repetitive and long 10 hours DAILY exposure to studying forex and business, that there is a bunch of $$$ to be made thanks to the Forex on Fire crew. They are literally( im not overexaggerating) the upcoming Uber, Amazon, Alibaba, AirBnb , Netflix of forex signals. What a motive! Jesus Christ.

Back to my strategy, AMENDMENTS have been applied as I have watched that video by No Nonsense Forex about Trailing Stop saying that he doesn’t even have a solid reason why he has set his trailing stop to be executed under the rules he explains in his video, he just does. On top of that and most important, is that he says that the trailing stop should be so far away that it won’t be triggered before his exit indicator signals an exit. He only places that trailing stop there in case of extreme events.

Therefore I thought to myself, what;s the reason he has to move SL at BE and close half position at TP1:ATR(14)D? Why wouldn’t he think the same way as the Trailing Stop aspect of his algorithm where he has built his algorithm in such way such the Exit Indicator signals exit before price hits the Trailing Stop??? He might as well completely drop closing half and move SL to BE and simply wait for his exit indicator to tell him to exit, ain’t it bruv?

That has been reinforced by the fact that a few of our signal providers such as FX GOAT, UK PRO, FX Key act different when price hits TP1.

FX Goat only moves SL to BE, UK PRO has 5 TPs and their trader Rana moves his SL at previous level when next level is hit, Key doesnt move SL and takes 70% off TP1 and 20% off TP2.

So why stick to VPs ‘close half move to BE’ method while he calims to be ADD+exits his trade before it hits SL+there are other succesful traders who use a different variation? Possibly he’s got a blind spot scotoma in this case therefore no more scale-outs in my system.

Next point regarding my amendments is that I have also discarded Darth Kankle’s and Janine’s algos because Darth’s VQZL and Janine’s Fx Fish take ages to react to price and im left behind many lost pips and by the time im in and the QQE Histogram signals an exit, im already in loss.

In addition, Darth and Janine algos were registered for that contest that happened 6 months ago, and since then a lot more research has occurred by the NNFX members resulting in discovering much better indicators, such as the QQE Histogram.

I have noticed that QQE histogram is great for both entries and exits with its 2 MAs crossovers. HOWEVER, I cant bet my balls that it’s the best indicator or/and with the optimal settings so this is where I need you guys the readers of this thread to jump in and help me (as per the basic intention of starting this thread) because ain’t no doubt that this trade idea of mine is CRACK SOLID in its core. I believe it as much as Ford in the book Think and Grow Rich where he strongly believed that the 8 cylinder engine was so possible even after his top engineers were so against, and eventually, there they have created the 8 cylinder engine.

Well I’m sorry for this, but heres my 2 pence. Your strategy is just not consistently profitable. I have not even tested it but I’ve read a lot of posts and strategies and I can tell when something sounds off. Not really keen on all this promotion of signal services. It sounds borderline for the commercial sub-heading.

You should work hard on becoming a profitable trader and learning the process of trading and the results will come. If you worked as hard on trading instead of marketing and promotion you’d be further along. Be a trader not a marketer. You’ll make more money and you’ll be financially free to do it from wherever you want. No offence intended but that’s my input. Others I hope will be more accepting and help with your strategy.

ive got 2000+ hours of trading experience

Back to action, I got distracted from other forex stuff let alone mixing making money with leisure and expect to get things done. Not a chance. Focus on the few not the many -Dan Pena Trillion Dollar Man

I got this investor password account from one of our guys on Forex On Fire who has developed a Telegram-To-MT4 signal copier so all signals are automatically executed on MT4 and that saves a bunch of time.

Server: Tickmill-DemoUK
Account: 2090572589
Password: YnOE4hqqI1

This account consists of 40+ signal providers.

From now on I will be isolating the top2 strong-weak currencies of the trades that are positive

Extract history, copy paste running trades in a spreadsheet and count which 2 currencies are bought and which 2 currencies are sold the most.

Here is a template for calculating the top weakest and strongest within 20 seconds

Simple extract the Save as Detailed Report from Account history and copy paste in cell A1 the Open Trades of the report.

The below is the entire list of all signal providers of the investor password account

breaking even +

I could have made more money had i didnt miss all these big moves…a bot is needed

Finished the day less positive than should due to missed movements

too many fluctuations
killing me
maybe if we took trades older than 2 days then we could weed out these new trades that have yet to travel to their direction
This could save us from new trades that fluctuate up and down around 0
I have discarded open trades of this week and analyzed the rest.

I got USD and JPY strongest with EUR NZD weakest. WHich as you can see forms a very nice trend on all higher timeframes

We are setting up a bot to automate all this work else we gonna kill ourselves

I have added more statistics in our template

I wont be posting here often since we got our telegram chat


3 Newest Investor Password accounts as the earlier one has been dismissed. I will be adding another 4th one later.

Also I have completely discarded indicator exits and entries confimration. My entry rule is when all tables except top right one, show Absolute Ratio of 2 and above then I consider this currency tradeable.

I Exit when on either of these 3 tables, the currency strength flips from negative to positive or vice versa.

My results have improved tremendously.

Trading Platform: MT4
Login: 10960235
Server: ICMarkets-Demo01
I-Password: February26

Login: 10960236
Server: ICMarkets-Demo01
I-Password: February26

Login: 10983963
Server: ICMarkets-Demo01
I-Password: February26

Hey I’ve checked out all of those accounts and literally all of them are in massive loss. I thought you said your results had improved?

I reverse trade negative trades so what you see in the accounts’ drawdown definitely doesnt reflect the holistic strategy.

Like I said, I use a spreadsheet template where I export the running trades to get data on how the currencies are performing according to the signal providers

Also I trade in cTrader as you have seen above while the MT4 investor password accounts I use for signals.