An Answer To "How Long Should I Demo Trade"?

maybe 20 weeks winning overall

there is no set time limit for how long you should demo trade, and don’t just listen to anybody with only 1-2 months. trade until you feel confident enough to risk your actual money in live market.
and then start with a micro account.

Hi,thank you for important advices,I’m done with my forex studying,i’m trading not with live but demo account,I wanna start trading live,can you suggest me a trusty broker or dealer with nice rollover(nice trading fees) and witch you can withdraw you money easily.

I would always recommend that you open account with a legitimate broker. In this way you can be certain that you will be able to withdraw your funds. Also search for a broker with lower spreads, as spreads will impact profitability of your trades

I believe all newcomers should bookmark this thread because this is a very thorough explanation on the transitioning from demo to live. Even experienced people should bookmark this. Repetition is key and the more you read something, the better you understand it.

This was really insightful and gave me some ideas on when I should make the transition to live trading. It is always encouraging when people talk about their initial failures as it seems part of the process and does not necessarily signal incompetence.

This is gold. Where did you get this info?

I just want to say thank you :pray:

Lmao this makes no sense. What if I have 19 straight wins instead? lmfao

There is no fixed duration as such but you can trade on Demo account account until you are ready to face the real market. Before making an account you can first think about the strategies or currency pairs etc. Experienced traders still go back to these accounts to try out new methods/strategies so it is right to first clear the basics and gain complete knowledge of trading system.

Every trader should try to work with basics tools like demo trading account before he can make significant investment of funds here. Demo trading will allow every trader some basic knowledge module with the trading of artificial money. But how long a trader will require in trading with demo accounts solely rely on his expertise and abilities to learn newer things.

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Until you become confident to face the real market.