Analysis EURUSD

Please help in I analysing correctly? Where should I improve???

I don’t see any analysis here, just lines and potential trade marked to take? Any comment what do you see on the chart, what is the decision making process? Hard to comment just on drawing lines you know :slight_smile:

If you wanted to draw blue lines, I think you are doing it correctly. If you wanted to draw parallel lines, you may want to practice, as these are not exactly parallel.

So what are you saying here? What’s your advice

My advice is, that if you want to get advice or opinion, you need to put more than chart screen print.

Add your own comments - what do you see on the chart, what these lines are, why you would put trade in this place not the other, what are you expecting from this chart and why? Why stop loss of this size? etc. Analysis is what is going on in your head when looking at chart, not the lines themselves.

I think it’s way too many lines on the chart. What you need is a support and resistant than analyse price action draw your level where you’d enter with a green rectangle when price reaches if you can enter. No need to draw all sort of things on the chart. Only what you’re about to trade.

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You certainly need to post more insight into what you are thinking regarding the trade itself. As above the chart you posted doesn’t actually show anything really useful.

Well it does guys. Whatever I’d be explaining is on the chart so I don’t know what kinda explanation are you endorsing me to make. I’m not falcon anyway you guys are being so hard on me for nothing.

Yeah if I’d explain what my sentiment is about the pair then you’d find all the trendlines useful. But I thought you guys can look at a setup and understand a traders thought.

I just think it could be zoomed in some more for more detail. I’ve had a look myself on TV and personally think price could get held up where it is due to filling the large price gap of the sharp moves up. Do you use DXY analysis at all when looking at DXY?